Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This weekend's Quilting Fest

Have you ever seen the book "Urban Country Quilts" by Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks. I'm loving it.

Made three quilts with it so far, two with pictures, one I gave away before I took a picture of it. They're simpler then you think yet are gorgeous when done. The first was with fabric I had saved for three years and finally found what pattern I loved. I made a queen size quilt. I haven't sandwiched it yet, thinking of double stacking it (using two cotton quilt fillings in it) but if I do that I'll need to have it professionally quilted, and it's a queen size. My machine is just not up to it. If I only use a single layer, I could do an easy stitch in a ditch, but wouldn't a butterfly design with a long arm just look great? Any suggestions?

The second one out of the book is a table top but big enough for a lap. The colours are gorgeous, with me using dual side interfacing to attach all appliqué. I didn't satin stitch it, instead I stitched about a 1/8 - 1/4 inch inside with gold thread, and the results are fabulous. When you wash it the material will unravel a bit and the frayed edge will only add to this look. Thinking of quilting once around the flowers about a 1/2 inch but I'm not sure. Like the way it is now.

Next quilt- love the combination of appliqué and quilting but looking at doing the strips I evenly with all my scraps of green:

Anyone do this quilt yet (besides the writers)?

Nicole Painchaud

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is mom's idea.....

OK, so last year I was such a workaholic that my mom said "You NEED to relax, why aren't you doing something artistic".  You see my mom is an artist, my sister is an artist, but' I don't paint or draw as nice as them so I didn't want to go there But what I can do is sew and quilt.  So that's what I decided.  I'll quilt and do crafts to relax
In order to stop working so hard and to start relaxing I had to challenge myself, push myself to get off the computer (I'm a computer teacher and repairs computers at our school). Considering I'm OCD and ADHD (come on now, look these up on Wikipedia) I made a challenge to myself that I would make a quilt a month. In between I woul do other crafts as well. Well, when I do something, I don't do it halfway. So now I've been told to post it, start a journal of what I've done, and record what I'm doing. So here it is, my record to date. Not all quilts have a photograph (that's why my mom is pushing for me to record this - and I listen to my mom always (can you hear her laughing now?)) so I'll post it now.

First one for my table - November

December's quilt - full lap quilt.

Started in September but finished in January.

Made this wall hanging and matching pillow cases for my bedroom in February.

BOM that's flannel and wool. Starting it here and finished it in March along with the quilt below for my husband.

Next one in the series. Did this one on the plane seeing my mom in Manitoba. Completed at the end of March.

In April I got this panel project for $30' added appliqué to it, quilted everything and hand stitched some of it. Was extremely happy when someone bought it.

The next two are the same quilt. Started as an idea that went wrong, tried to fix the design, but in the end, it was the machine quilting that saved it. Can you see the quilting in the picture? This is May's quilt. I also made a table topper with this.

In June I made the quilt below for a great friend's wedding in a day. Took all day Saturday for it, but I love the colors.

Isn't it cute? Just like her!
Below are two more I did the next weekend, both table tops. A woman from England bought the Christmas one, was so excited about that.

Notice the left over pieces from a previous quilt....

This next one has a history. In July I was a little upset (in a funk). I didn't know how to get out of it, so out came an old quilt magazine, and there you go...

In August/September, I saw a quilt online with birds on it (sorry can't remember where) and with left over material, this quilt appeared on my bed in a day.... Love bright colours....

This was after trying my hand at another modern quilt style (got the material for $3 a meter, should of got more! Can't believe I made that one... It was for a Christmas gift for a friend but she still is begging me for the black modern quilt.... Yuck, hate that one....

September - NEEDED to continue with the block of the month....

This past Saturday both my husband and I were exhausted, decided to be quiet this weekend, and I ended up quilting while he ended up cooking for us. Here are the results. A mug rug to give a hug to a friend...

"crooners" from this month is Fons & Porter (so sweet and easy to do),

Left over material made 2 dresser toppers, here is one....

Quilted pillow cases (king size).... After that, I felt better.... Relaxed

Now you're caught up.... Can you tell I'm a little hyper?

And mom, Better late then never ;-).

Hopefully I'll do a quilt an entry now. Still not calm, but I'm having fun.