Saturday, January 31, 2015

Playing at the Zoo

Can't believe how little I've done this month but when you think about it, final month of the term, doing final projects, getting ready for the electronic exams, I've simply have had no time to do any sewing.  I've worked hard at getting one of my major quilts completed for the quilt show this June, so that would explain some of it.  but I've only completed the Aurifil block, the Quilt Doodle, and now one that was very surprising, and quite fun is the Quiet Play:  Zoo Animals blog.  It's a paper piecing BOM that starts simple, and becomes very challenging for the last block. 

The first block is a flamingo.  The directions are simple but clear, and the pieces fit perfectly together.  I can't say it enough, I had fun!!!  Normally I have trouble with completing paper piecing but not this time.  Made two mistakes and was able to fix them right away.  See for yourself.  Looks great.  Blue sky background.

Can't wait for the second one.  Wonder which one.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another weekend done....

I noticed something.  When I don't write down a list of things to do, then I'm in trouble.  I don't do half as much as I normally do with a list.  I think it's because I AM a list person.  Also  because my stash is tooooo big and its bugging me.  I know that comments sound stupid, but really, all these halff finished projects are starting to get on my nerves, so I'm finishing things off.  I've been quilting things, but not to the level that I want to do, so that's another thing that I've been working on.  So let me show you what I have done this week.  A bit of both.

Leasa from http:/ started a great group called "SewMyStash2015" which is exactly what it sounds like, a  support group to help you sew your stash, all those extra projects.  She also has challenges and the first one was to use your stash to make something Valentines, so here it is.  I used my stash and extras for everything, including my batting which was left over batting.  I'm so proud of myself.  What do you think?

Aurifil's small quilt - adorable!!
The back with my new Janome 6600 - love
the Quilting!!

Enough left over for a mug rug for my
Penpal in Tasmania!!

And I have a secret project going on, that I won't share until it's done.... Are you curious??!!  :0

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another "Quilt Doodle Design's" Block of the Month....

I'm so excited!!  Another Quilt Doodle Design's block of the month!!.  Out of all 9 BOM's last year (and it was and still is hard to do when you work full time), this designer was the one I kept up with at all times.  It was one that was nice to do, exciting to wait for, and basically, fun as all heck!!

Last year's design is here in the finish - just in time for Christmas with my mom...

It was "happy" and "cuddly" all in one.

This year's is a great start.  See below:

White for the background, but there are stashing on all sides.  See the diagram below.

Join now, it's fun.

Working on finishing up things.

Today I saw a few packages of things that I started or things that I cut up and just left.  And I'm not talking just quilts, I'm also talking about sewing some clothes.  So today I worked on that... I couldn't stand it any more.  Some of these things are over a year old, and seriously, talk about putting things off....  So because I joined up with "Sew my Stash" (see the link on the left) I decided, that's it, I'm not just doing what I said in my blog but I'm doing anything and everything that catches my attention.

So here it is.  This became....

This...  Pajama bottoms.  


 Became this....zipper in the back..


And this one is what I'm taking into my Quilting Guild's course on designing your own quilting plan lesson tomorrow... You'll have to wait to see what it became.  This one is over a year old as well and much of it was left overs (again busting my stash!!!) from a numberr of otherr projects.  Quite proud of what this has become.  It's a gift for my husband's friend, a new house warming gift, wall hanging for the front area.

On a side note, I joined another quilting of the month from iQuilt

Here's a picture.  Can't wait to get the pattern.  It's very modern and it will help me get rid of some of my scrap material.  Every month you learn something new, and all of these are new to me.  Can't wait to start...

Monday, January 12, 2015

A month of no list...

Usually I made a list of all the things I have to complete for the month.  But not this month.  This month has been a very busy one and not one that I can honestly say I can predict what I can get done.  But I have made a list of what I can done this month and what I can get accomplished in the next three months.

This year I am only joining two blocks of the month.  One is the Doodle Designs again, and the 2nd one is the continuation of the Modern Modern quilt from the Block Lotto site.  This site is fantastic for entering a lottery system to meet other bloggers and sewers. 

Here are some of my blocks and a quick quilt fully completed:

Quick wall quilt, machine stitched, with hearts
 making the floweers

Old style material.
The button makes the quilt.

2015 DoodleBOM for December.

A second one, larger

But there is so much more I have to do....

There is the Sew My Stash where I wish to complete everything that is on the list of Quilts to Complete.  And don't think that the list is complete.  That's something I need to complete.  There are the blocks of the month from last year that although completed, are not finished off, and that is something I need to do.  There are three block of the months that I signed up for the material and have not completed.   There are four BOMs that I have not completed, that now I want to complete.  There is so much to do!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals for the year - Complete what I purchased.

I know I already set some of my goals for the 1st quarter (2015 Finish Along) and for this month (A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015) but what I have not set is my goal for the year.

Last year's goal was to be more active online with quilting, to make new friends and get a presence online.  I don't know if I'm a presence (not as good as the other ladies I follow), but I did make a lot of new friends.  I've made a number of friends overseas, got a couple of new email buddies, and follow a number of people on flickr where I share my quilts as well.  Loving it and I love seeing what others are doing.  I've become a presence on Pinterest where many people follow me.  Relatives and friends can see how crazy I am now, with all the quilting.

I promised myself that I would join some Blocks of the Month Clubs, and I have.  See the side bar under "DONE" to see what BOMs are completed, and see the list of all the ones I still have to completed.  If you want to see what's been done you can go to my "Finished Quilts" page (tab on top).  There are a few that I missed, but I'm becoming deligent in what I do.

So I'm happy with what I've done although I think I'm crazy for all the BOMs I tried to complete (and still promise to myself that I will get them all done!!!).  So what's my goal this year?  Something that was quite an event, I stumbled upon it while surfing, and it fits perfect into what I want this year.

I want to get my stash down, and complete some projects.  So I'm following Leasa with her "Sew my Stash 2015".  I need to get my stash down, and I need to complete some of the things that I bought all this fabric for, cut some of it out and never completed it.  Plus (don't tell anyone) my husband found all of my stash when I had to move some stuff when my mom visited us.  Dang!!!  So he said "No more material until you get this down", and truthfully, he's right.  I need to get the material under control.

I have a lot of colors but not many solids to do backgrounds on, so I did my last purchase 2 weeks ago, some background, and I'm off.  I also couldn't resist some of the lap quilt that were on sale on Craftsy.  My goodness, couldn't resist a lap quilt that was only $20.  My goodness, some of material was 55% off...  OK, broke down in less than 2 days!!!

But it's January, and fresh start, so I'm happy to start now.  I'll need to make a list of all the projects I need to complete, along with the material gathering.  See my "Quilts to Complete" section (tab above).  I'll try to update it as well,, as I have a few new ones (Dang!!!).

I know that Leasa is not saying we can't buy any more material, but I'm sure going to try to not do that.  But like her I'll only buy solids and background material, because really, I need to get some of these done before I forget why I got the materiall.  In the mean time, this also fits perfectly with the 2015 Finish Along and A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015.  This year I have only signed up for two BOMs as well.

This year is the year of completing what I've purchased!!  Wish me luck.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Another year has gone by and I've found that joining these helpful groups (A Lovely Year of Finishes and Finish Along 2015) have really helped me to keep on track.  I'm still starting new projects (like the so many I did for Christmas), but I am completing many that I started.  So what am I planning to do for a Lovely Year of Finishes?  One more project that needs to be quilted and finished - My pixelation quilt that is 2 1/2 inch squares.

Here's what the quilt looks looks like now.....

Lets see what it looks like at the end of the month.  I'm so excited about this one!! I have about 20 rows to go, then binding and quilting.  Wish me luck.

First Quarter - 2015 Finish Along - What I'll do.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I had so much fun the last Finish Along with Andrianne from the On the Windy Side, I want to do it again.  I said I would finish 6 quilts and although I didn't get them done, I sure was busy getting a lot done in the months between.  Really kept me on track Katy, so here we go again.

1)  I found a free Craftsy class that is a BOM online.  Loved it!  Highly recommend it.  Look at the top below.  Turned out great in a lot of psychedelic colors.  It's a lap quilt.  But it's not quilted   I joined another class that shows how to free style quilt each and every block and I have really been working on my free style, so that's my goal.  It will take a lot of time, with 12 different styles on each block.  I figure that will take me at least three months to do.

2)  My Pixelated Quilt. I'm half way there with 2 1/2 inches squares.  It's a sunflower.  Coming along so well, But now I'm thinking of entering it in a quilter's contest, so I really should get going. 

3)  This one is the most important.  It's a wool and flannel quilt that needs to be completed in 3 months because I did enter it in my Guild's Quilting show coming up in June.  And I have to not only finish the corners, but quilts each section.  Here is what it should look like...  As I said got the corners and edges to do, Sounds like just a little work, but it's so much more.  There are even more flowers then what is here.  All is on flannel as you see from some of the blocks included.  This will be the major challenge.

Good luck to me!!