Sunday, September 27, 2015

Starting to Play again

With the start of school again it's been a while since I did some quilting.  With a new course, needing to repair a number of computers, and birthday celebrations, I have not been able to get some quiet time to doing some quilting.  But at least this weekend I've been able to do some quilting, and it sure does make a difference to my mood.

So I had today and yesterday to play.  What did I do?  Take a look:

For Thanksgiving in my classroom.  You
hand it on the door.  It's quilted.

From Quiet Play - At the Zoo.
All Paper piecing.

At the Zoo again.  A monkey.  August.
Just two behind this time.

A wool quilt I found from 2008 when I started.
But I couldn't find the pattern, so I went
my own way.  2 1/2 inch squares of flower material around it.
The wool quilt is all completed, quilted around every square of flower material.  It has different types of stitching on each square which is what I took the class for.  I don't remember the name of this quilt nor the teacher unfortunately.  That will teach us all to be organized  :)

A great two days of relaxation, and accomplishments.  Not exactly a lot, but I"m still happy.  See this link to see what I was starting out with at the start of September, some squares and that's it!!  So I'm very happy with how it is.  I'll take more pictures and put them up in another blog so you can take a closer look. 

For now, that's it, time to stop.

Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 finish along for September

Well this is my 2015 Finish Along entry.  Thus the buttons :)

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I had a very good month this August, although with all the traveling I only quilted in August (being a teacher I did two months).  But boy, did I do a lot.  To read about it see this link.  The list is outstanding because the results are all there.  Now don't be scared!!!  I know there is a lot, and the items that are completed are small, but that list was huge, and I did get some stuff done!!!  Woo hoo for me!!

So what's the list this time?  Last time I only put three items down, and I only completed one.  But I did a number of other projects that won't on the list, and so they don't count.  But that's OK.  This time we're (and that's the royal we by the way) going to list it all.  So here it is....

The pixulated sunflower quilt.  Needs to be quilted and binding on it.  Quilting will be 1/2 circles, very small, making the illusion of the sunflower seeds.  Second time on the list.

My Crafty block.  Need to quilt each block.  Have 2 done so far.  Need to do all.  I have watched the first 3 quilting sections on the Crafty show.  3rd time on the list.  I'm getting mad at this quilt!!

An autumn quilt that I want on my bed for October.  This quilt has been sitting for over 3 years.  ENOUGH!!  I need some queen size quilts for my bed and I read somewhere online (sorry I forgot where) that a woman promised herself to make a queen size quilt a month for her bed.  I envied her, but I knew I had no time for that.  I do have 2 quilts that are queen size.  One I bought for summer (very light) but it's so worn out now that I want to throw it away.  And the other is a T-shirt quilt I made a couple of years ago.  With flannel backing so it's very, very hot.  So I want something in between, and I need to make it queen size for my bed.  That's the plan, below is the quilt.

One of my other quilts that is queen size and I want to quilt (not send it out).  This one is over 3 years old, easy to quilt (straight line) so I'm hopng to get it done as well for November.

Picture of the finished pattern.  Mine is more green than anything else.

My Aurifill quilt.  Put together.  I added two more blocks to make it work as a queen, added some borders and now I have to strip quilt it.  Don't want to show you until it's done.

Extra material I had, so then I made this small mat.  Need to quilt it as well.

Sew Fresh QuiltsThere is a BOM starting from Sew Fresh Quilts (I love them).  You need to follow.  It starts in September and I purchased the pattern.  So sweet!!!  Puppies.  You need to see this.  Follow this button and follow the fun.  You can make a small quilt or a very large one.  Click on the button to see your choices and see what you can do.  Notice that all the dogs are different colours?  Even the white patches are different!!!  Excited to complete this one!

I have been eyeing this quilt pattern for over two months now, and with the goal of getting my stash down it would be perfect.   I haven't even started cutting this one.  Pattern is from Quilter's World April 2012 (bought it in June from our guild show).  The pattern are from Carolyn S. Vagts.

When the pattern is completed the extra corners one make this matching table runner.  So it's two for the price of one.

I started to learn wool applique with this quilt.  Started the class in 2008.  I think 7 years is old enough and it should be completed.  I don't even remember who was trying to teach us.  I couldn't find all the pattern, the pieces sheet is missing, so I can't do all the squares, but I have enough to completed a wall quilt and that's what I'm doing.  I'm going to put 2 1/2 inch squares of flower material around each square, one to two squares per section will work fine.  Last month I completed the last two sections.  See below for a closeup picture of one of the blocks I completed last month.

Been sitting in a container for over a year.  All the material is there, some of it is cut, just need to get going.  Love the blues.  When it's completed I'm going to put an appliqué of a cattail on it, giving the illusion of it in a ditch of water.  The pattern is called Parisian Patches by Gerri Robinson from MxCall's Quick Quilts April/May 2013 issue.  So it's part a pattern and part appliqué.  Hmmmm, there seems to be a lot of appliqué for this quarter?  Am I biting off more than I can chew?

 Someone gave me this pattern to me.  It's a paper piecing design by MH designs.  Love it as it reminds me of LaConnor's Tulip Festival in Washington.  It's only 11 x 18 inches and I have all the material so I'll be OK to make it one rainy day (and there's plenty of those in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I have the material for making a snowball table runner and here's the material.

I bought an e-book  from Martindal books called Sew One and You're Done - Making a Quilt from a Single Block b Evelyn Sloppy.  Going to try it.  It's amazing how many books and magazines you buy and don't use.  That's my peeve for this month and that's why all these quilts on the list.

I love Jacquelynne Steves at  She's so talented.  I purchased her fabric kit to join the "Cozy Afternoon" free BOM, and didn't start.  This month is the final month.  Want to get going on it and catch up (part of getting my stash down).  So this one is it.

And to make it a little more difficult I signed up for a block of the month and it looks almost identical.  This is  Block #2 but I need this done for Christmas for a friend (who's only job in the quilt shop was to say NO to me every time I wanted to buy something, but instead talked me into this quilt.  Naturally, I'm making it for her because I have the quilt above!!!  But I'm enjoying this quilt from the Quilt Company (see completed quilt pattern here) that I bought at Fabric Etc in Bellingham.  It's called the Quilted kettle and its a quilt of tea pots, tea cups and even tea bags.   So adorable.  it's make with piecing and raw applique with button stitching.  

Everyone needs a christmas quilt on their quilt :)  This is an old BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Material all there, all cut up.  9 blocks to make.  It's from It's Sew Emma, a brilliant person.  My wall hanging for Christmas  :)

And last but not least.  See those bags below - over 50 row by rows from Canada, Arizona, and mostly Washington.  I'm making a queen size quilt of Washington and Arizona rows, and then another one from BC and Manitoba.  Two queens.  I have 9 already done (4 from Canada and 5 from the US), but I'll need 24 for each quilt.    My goal is to complete at least 10 rows in the 3 months (in between everything else).  At least get this stuff all organized and down a bit.  one bag Canada, one bag the US, and the last bag (a cute zippered bag by the Row by Row people) is full of material to finish it off.  I'm loving every minute of it.  Go the the left hand size, down a bit to click on the label Row by Row to see which ones have already been done.

I know it's a lot, but I get a lot done almost always.  Wish me luck.  I plan on getting MOST of this done.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Results of my Third Quarter Finish Along

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I'm the first to admit it, I'm not doing so well when it comes to my goals although I have finished some quilts along the way (but not the ones I said I would complete).

So here were my goals from this quarter and the link:
  • Online Craftsy Class - Quilting my BOM from Craftsy -  have only 3 blocks completed, need to complete 9 more by the end of August.
  • Quilt the sun flower quilt. -  
  • Elephant parade - what I had to do
    • Complete flower block (need to cut new ones out and then make them)
    • Complete one bird block
    • Put it all together
    • quilt it.
I swore that I would make at least one of these dates and so I have the following:

I have completed the elephant parade and I am so happy with it, I could cry!!!  You can get this pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts.  The pattern called for 1 inch borders and 2 1/2 inches around the edge borders.  I did 2 1/2 between blocks, and then 3 and a half around the end. The pattern is suppose to be a baby quilt but it's now a large lap quilt.  I used all scraps and two different fat quarters that I found.  The white background I had as well, but then I ran out.  I used three different off whites in the quilt, and it doesn't show. 

I quilted it in waves, with heart outlines on the top and the bottom.

The back is flannel with small elephants on it.  Cuddly.

the quilting - notice the bottom, of hearts.  I embroidered the legs of the bird to make it interesting.

All scraps, and the bird I added.  I made an extra large elephant by mistake, ran out of grey material, so I used the large elephant instead and did some editing of the pattern.

Hearts on the top. My favourite - the frog with it's big eyes.  :)

The sun flower quilt has been finished (top layer only).  I have sandwiched the quilt, and started to quilt the top.  I am doing tiny circles at a angle, to look like the sun flower seeds in the centre of the flower (in black thread).  But is it completely finished?  No.

The third quilt (the lesson on quilting from Craftsy) is not completed at all.  Darn, one out of three isn't bad at all.  So I'm happy.

September's "A Year of Lovely Finishes"

A Lovely Year of Finishes Have so many choices but I'm challenging myself as usual.  For this month's completion goal it's a big one.  A block of the month that is appliqué.  But I like sitting with my husband while we watch TV and do something with my hands.  So that's the plan.

I love Jacquelynne Steves at  She's so talented.  I purchased her fabric kit to join the "Cozy Afternoon" free BOM, and didn't start.  This month is the final month.  Want to get going on it and catch up (part of getting my stash down).  So this one is it.  The finished pattern is to look like the picture below.

I'll applique by hand.  Once more, good luck to me  ;)

List of things to do for August

I noticed that I never completed a things to do list like I do every month.  And although I thought with the summer I could do everything, and catch up, I was wrong.  But now....  There are some things that I can get done and not get done.  So here is my list....  And I hope to get half of it done.  
  • Pat Sloan's Vacation
    • January - Cut already - need to start - put jeeze!!!
    • February - cut and sew
    • March - cut and sew
    • April - cut and sew
    • May - cut and sew
    • June - cut and sew
    • July - cut and sew
  • Zoo Animal Party
  • Online Craftsy Class - Pre-cut quilts - Spool
  • Online Craftsy Class - Quilting my BOM from Craftsy -  (this is for my Q3 section) have only 3 blocks completed, need to complete 9 more by the end of August.
  • Elephant parade (Done!!  This is for my Q3 section)
    • Complete flower block (need to cut new ones out and then make them)
    • Complete one bird block
    • Put it all together
    • quilt it.
  • Quilt the sun flower quilt. - (this is for my Q3 section) started and I have a number of days to do it in because it takes an hour or two for each block but need to put it in the Q4 section.
  • Quilt Doodle BOM - All caught up.  See this link to view it all
  • Norma quilt (from the guild). - Never touched it.
    • 2nd last blcok
    • last block
    • Center Block
    • Sew it all together
  • Block Lotto
    • Sun - 5 of them
    • Large Circles - 4 of them to complete set
    • Cross bars - 3 of them  to complete set
    • Flowers
    • Arrows
    • Chains
    • Put them all together to complete last year's Block Lotto
    • Quilt it.
  • Aurifill's 2014 Garden Block - See below for what I've had to do, but the two blocks are completed, added, and the edging is all done.  Now, it's all together except for the side pieces because I'm going to section quilt it. In the end it is a queen size quilt, and I have a lot to do but it will look fantastic when it's completed.  I need to blog about this in another blog.  
    • make one more block so it all fits together
    • Make border using 2 and a half strips cabin style.
    • Put it all together
    • Quilt it. - still to do....
  • Snapshot Quilts
    • January - Cake
    • Feburary - sewing machine
    • March - Kettle - DONE!
    • April - Dog - DONE!!!
    • May - Apron
    • June - Ice cream
    • July - hot air balloon
    • August - Bike 
  • Scrap BOM
    • January
    • Feburary
    • March (that's all I bought.
  • Apple blocks - make three more to add to the colleciton.
  • Blue Cocktail quilt
  • Pink and Green quilt
  • Aurifil mini quilts.
    • Have 4 out of the 8 done.  Need to catch up.
  • Snow quilt
  • Quilt Seaside - haven't even started.
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • august
  • Star quilt. - done!!!!  And quilted.  So excited!  Here's a picture to your right!!  It's a good size lap, with star quilting in the star and the rest just easy running stitch.
  • Quilted Landscape - Not even started and I do need to get going on this.
  • Gro's quilt
    • Block 1 - need to quilt
    • Block 2 - need to quilt
    • Block 3 - need to put together
  • Tumbling Blocks on Craftsy
  • Pixelated quilt eye
I'm seeing results so I'm happy.