Quilts of 2014

In Total 24 quilts in 2014

January  2014 - missed the Christmas season, but I can easily use this next year.  Here it is, one of embroidery out of McCall's Quilting December 2013 book.  I had to do both angels first then started to follow the pattern but ran out of material so started to improvise.

Angels to Watch over you.

March 19th 2014 - Secret Santa Quilt given to me at School.
Secret Santa Quilt

March 19th, 2014 - Valentine's Quilt
Valentine Quilt

This quilting technique is called folded blocks.  I wanted to do more of them from the book 3D quilting.  See "Folded Blocks" to see the blog entries.  I did one on April 21st and June 27th, 2014.  Here are the pictures.

  It uses a lot of scraps and that's what makes it so perfect.

This one is my birthday quilt - Finished June 2014 - with 50 pieces of fabric for 50 years old.

 End of July 2014 I finished this table topper from the Block Lotto Extra Blocks.  Love the orange colour.

August 2014 - Using Thangles only.  This table topper was created from a donation bag I got at a quilting store.  It cost me only $7 and completed this beautiful topper.

End of August 2014 - This is my pride and joy so far.  Using a pattern from Aurifil (see the tags to follow the process) I created a bed runner.  The quilting took over 6 hours or more.  You forget how long the quilting was when it's completed ;)

November 2nd, 2014 -  and two more Blocks of a Month done.  The first one was no surprise at all and got me interested in Pixelated quilting.  The entire quilt is made of 2 1/2 inch squares.  Thanks to Quilt Doodle Doodles for putting together this quilt group.  The final quilt is definitely a seasonal quilt but one that is to be loved:

The snowmen are so cute.  It took me three days of solid quilting to finish quilting the entire things, but I did it, and I'm happy with no borders around the edge, just plain quilting.  Really shines.

AUGUST 2014 - did you notice the quilt under the one above?  Here it is, all done, with very tiny  pebble quilting by Material Girls - a free BOM online that was done only with 2 layer cakes, but in my case, I did straight material.  LOVE it!!  It's on the bed.

NOVEMBER 2014 - This next one was also started in January, with Pat Sloan.  She called it her Globe Trotter BOM.  I chose some Kauffman fabric that looked fantastic, gold thread throughout, purple, greens and browns.  I thought I would love it, and throughout the entire process I wasn't too pleased with it.  But in the last month I surprised myself when I started to put it together that I really did like it.  I wasn't going to put the strips around the entire thing, but then changed my mind and did.  This quilt was just quilted around the squares, simple quilting, because I did not want to take away from the fabric.  I apologize for not having a good picture with it, the fabric just wouldn't cooperate.  But here is the best pictures I had.  One more down.

NOVEMBER 2014 - Smaller Version for the FVQG guild challenge 24 x 24" quilt.

NOVEMBER 2014  black and white modern quilt.   This pattern is by Allie Health.  I saw it in Modern Patchwork Winter 2014 magazine. I really love it. 

Binded and quilted.

December 2014
Debbie Mumm's Quilt of Honor December 18th

12th Man Quilt for my husband.  December 23rd

Friends are Like Flowers - December 27th, 2014

January 26th, 2015 - Aurifil has changed their way this year so that you are not doing a block at a time, but a mini quilt at a time.  Here is Januarys.

February 9th - Husband had asked me to complete a wall hanging for a friend's new home gift.  So instead of one I made two.  Here they are:

Look at the quilting of the leaves one.

Febrary 8th - needed a break and I did a hand quilting table runner.  Completed on this date.

March - weekend of the 10th and 11th - was busy but happy.  February was another Aurifil day.  Made my mother a St. Patrick's day gift.
Aurifil - February

Practise the Curve ruler.
Table runners for my sister with napkins.

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