Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dang, missed it.

Missed registering for the end of Novembers OMG club.  It's a lot of fun, and it helps motivate you to finish those UFOs that just lay around, and when it's done, you're sooooo happy that you have another quilt for a gift, or just for yourself... Get over to Elm Street Quilting website and check out all the details.  While you're there take a look at the quilts there, they're amazing...

But what is also amazing is now she's trying to finish the Harry Potter quilt that I just finished!!!  It's a fantastic quilt, super beautiful from Sew Fresh Quilting.  Lorna's designs are absolutely amazing and super easy to do because she uses  "stitch and flip" to make these quilts.  The finished results are what you're looking at.  It's queen/king size...

Each block is quilted circular, and the trips on the side are up and down as is the top and bottom blocks.  To make it look like waves.  It was a lot of work, one block a month and I got behind on the last 4 blocks.  But even though these two blocks (bottom and top strip) were hard, the directions were still super easy.

One block of the bottom...  Check out the quilt and check out something else.


Check it out at Sew Fresh's web site and check out all the gorgeous patterns....  You'll get a great idea Elm Street Quilts what it looks like in the end.

Seriously, the fact that I emailed back and forth with my favorite pattern maker makes me ecstatic.  And the compliment that she was so happy another Canadian was blogging and tracking their quilts flattered me to know end.  But there are tons of Canadians out there quilting and blogging about it, so I guess it's just the fact I was talking (ok emailing) to her that made my year..  Thank you Lorna for the beautiful pattern and for being so inspirational.

OK enough gushing, on to the next because like all quilters there is always a next.  Here's my goal for the next
 (Great picture design Elm Street)

While I finished the Harry Potter BOM I wanted to finish another one that I started this month and a friend of mine asked for a quilt since I gave one to her daughter.  Last month I had two rows completed and this month I'm starting with all the rows completed and I just have to quilt.

Here is what it looks like

The pattern is by Patchwork Posse, a great Row Quilt Along.  It has 10 rows, but I put strips of fabric in between each one because this was how I was getting my leftovers (yes I know Thanksgiving  thing...) down.  So I ended up with about 7 or 8 strips.  I needed to calm down my quilt with so many bright colors, thus the fabric strips of lighter colors to take the tone down. 

 I have all the strips made and if you want to see how you do these 9 blocks then cut them up to another shape then Patchwork Posse is the girl for you...  All are redos of blocks made then cut up.  See one of them above.  The strips put together are really big and the last one is December 2, so I'm hoping to get mine all done this month.  My friend won't get the quilt until this summer (in another province) when I visit  but I'll send her a picture for Christmas and tell her she has to wait for it  :)  And you'll have to wait until the very final picture done.

That's my goal, hooking up to Elm Street Quilts. for One More Goal...  OMG  

Monday, November 11, 2019

OMG!! It's done! My goal for November.

I've been working on this quilt for absolutely forever, and it's no wonder, you got to see it...

This is what it looked like at the end of October.

I still needed to put the side sections on, and finish quilting the top more.  And now it's done!!!
Here's a look!

On a queen size bed
Look at the quilting on each block.  Circular.

Harry Potter is PERFECT on the pillows.

The other side is just at long.  It hangs over the skirt of my bed.  I had to do quilt as you go with this one, and that took forever!!!!
But so worth it.  Take a look at it hanging from my loft, so big I couldn't get a picture of the entire thing.

 The quilting really comes out when you see it hanging (sorry, my husband took the pictures).  I used purple for around it and then black for the binding.  In between each block is 2 1/2 inches in between.  The colors are Kona solids, and for the purple I had to buy the entire bolt.  I used it all.  I ran out of the gold (same gold I used for the words - Harry Potter) so on the sides it's purple both on the front and the back.  . 

The hardest blocks....  the castle.....

And the owl which thank goodness the instructions were great, so it was easy to do but you had to take your time....  and read the instructions twice.

The easiest were the faces at the start, which was a great thing considering you were just starting...

My favorite......

Making a pillow for a friend of this one.  Loved the green in the eyes.  Wish I did the white in the eyes for all of them.  Also, it was not the simplest the one above, but not hard, and the instructions were really great.  

So happy!!  

Also linking up to OMG at Emm Street Quilting.  This has been my monthly goal for the last two months.  But I"M FINISHED!!!  Can you tell I'm excited????  And I'm done before the 15th, my due date I set for myself - right in the middle of mid term report cards, and so much more.....

On to the next.....

Sunday, November 3, 2019

UFO for November....

Well I almost made it.....  I almost got my Harry Potter quilt done.  I did add the final two rows, completed the castle (the last row was the hardest), attached them, and the only thing not completed, was the side wings (the side pieces to make it wider.

It's huge.  Check it out yourself.

My favorite block

The hardest block to make, the castle.

The funnest block to make but just as hard as the castle
 Loved the quilting with the waves. and the circles around the other ones.

Quilt pattern by SewFresh, a wonderful Canadian Designer, who makes fantastic patterns.  She's on Etsy.

You had a choice, you could do the moon in the middle like I did or at the start so when you put the owl to the left, it looked like the moon shared both.  I love my choice.

So I'm not done, yes I know, it's crazy, I will have to do the side pieces, quilt them and attach them.
They're the length of the quilt which is very very long, covering the the pillows and the bottom of the entire quilt.

Here's what it looks like at this very moment.

Here's what I have to do next:

Quilt side panels, add them on, and put bias all the way around it.  I want to show this to my quilting group, but the bias will take a long time.

On the up side I have a second goal, since this is smaller for the month, I want to catch up on my Disappearing Row Quilt Along by Patchwork Posse.

I have two of the eight done, as you can see.  That means 6 to complete and usually that means 5 or 6 blocks of the 6 patterns to complete, but this whole thing is completed by November and I'm thinking of giving this up for a Christmas gift.  I started this one to get my stash down of left over material, so this is what the idea was.  rows.   But it seamed to develop, grow, and now I'm looking for material for in between the rows.
The material is wonderful, can't wait to put it together, and I'm looking at doing it before the final row in the middle of November.  Want this done at the end of November so we'll see.

So I am hooking up to Elm Street Quilts to complete one more (OK two) UFOs in the OMG challenge.  THIS TIME I'm finish that darn Harry Potter.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Busy like a bee.....

OK, between school, and home I've been busy. But I'm still quilting because I want to finish my OMG (One More Goal) and I'm there.  Got it done, did quilting as you go, but that's for another posting.  This weekend I finished a couple of other goals that I want to share with you because I'm so pleased with them. 

The first please.....

Made completely with left over pieces.  The cross in the middle was 2 1/2 inch squares of left over material.  Got all my bright colors and colors of fall and put these together.  This is the result.  The quilt tester says it's perfect.
 See the smaller pieces.  The quilting is straight line to help with the lines of alternate color strips.  I love the look of this pattern.  I originally intended to keep it for myself because I wanted something with fall colors but a friend asked me for a quilt to wrap herself up in and this is perfect for her for Christmas.  So off it will go.  And yes, those colors are the real colors (the yellow and gray) of the quilt.  It all came together with colors.  I was extremely pleased with that.  Luck.....

The next quilt (yes there are two) is a creation from Fat Quarter Blog.  It's a free pattern.    And this link is the YouTube video on how to make it with the pattern attached.

This is the actual pattern but not big enough for the baby quilt that I intended to make.  So I added a bit.  I made a couple of bamboo shoots to the side of the quilt and just a line on top to keep your eye on the quilt pattern.  It was really fun and not that hard at all.  Forgiving for the beginner quilter.

I took the bamboo from the center and just continued to make the leaves, using a long strip of green for the center unlike the pattern which used two different colors of green, I used just one because it changed color. 

The quilt ended up being 36" by 36", the perfect size for a baby quilt.  I'm very pleased with it.  Perfect for a friend who asked me to make the quilt for her first grandchild coming up.  She chose the color for the background and I had a piece of yellow with a hint of green that worked just perfect for it.

Between this and correcting a lot of homework I'm very satisfied with this weekend's work production.  Take care.