Wednesday, November 18, 2020

November is done and not done...

 Hi all.  It's in the middle of the week and I'm done a quilt but not  exactly done the one that I said I would complete.  And the one I completed was a complete start but with the material sitting around in a box for about a year.  The material is Robert Kauffman and it's called the Portrait.  It's his remake of art work to be quilted.  I fell in love with the colors, how about you?

I quilted it so much it's crazy

Love the overall look with the wood, makes the entire thing look like a work of art which it is.  Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.  

What more could you ask for in a room.  On to the next project.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

November's OMG for the Month.

 I've been overly tired from teaching in this time and age.  Although everyone thinks that teaching two courses is easy, it's not.  And truthfully, I teach two blocks per class, so it was four classes instead of the two everyone is talking about.  The school term switches over the 2nd week of November and goes until December, and with only one class (a double class again) this term with a 1/2 day spare, I think I can manage a big project this time.  The HST quilt by Lee A Heinrich at Freshly Piecing.  

I have all the material, and I have the paper work to make perfect HST squares.  I have not even started this quilt, but it's a new way of doing HSTs and it's suppose to be easy to do, so I'm trying it.

This is my first goal.  My 2nd goal is to complete another door for the Barn door set up that I have in the dining area.  I want to make something artistic.  It's something to start to make the house more welcoming.

Hooking up to Elm Street Quilts for November.  Wish me luck.  

And I'm DONE!

 Well last blog entry I said I was going to do two for one quilts and finished two different quilts, and guess what?!  Miracles of miracles, I got both done!

The first was going to be a Christmas gift for a friend but certain situations came in and I'm giving it to him next week.  It's perfect for a man, and about 60 inches both ways.  Take a look,  it's called Oh Deer...  yes, great name.  One block below.

Look at the antlers.  The piecing was stitch and flip, and there were a lot of pieces.
The full quilt is four deers, that are very large finished squares.  Then I added a border.
the backing is deers as well, and a nice brown.
In the end, I loved it.  Looking great and how I want to make one for myself  :) This quilt is on my list of "To complete" for 2020, and it's a done deal.  it was on the list from AQS and now done.
But that was not the one that I said I would complete.  The one for this month (and for the summer as well) is my row by row for the year of 2015.  That's right, 5 years old.  I was making the rows, and most ended up in a lap quilt which I gave to a cousin, four or five different table tops (last month's goal) but in the end I got what I wanted, my queen size quilt that is a memento or rather a scrap book of our trip down to the Grand Canyon and Arizona in 2015.  But no, I have a gorgeous quilt that now I can sleep under for the winter season.  Take a look:
Row from Demoine
In Arizona itself, with the cactus the bit of lake and the coyote.
A friend of mine got this one from Alaska, but the one lower is from a quilter place in Kirkland
Liked this one that we came across by accident at Segai Wooley.  Loved the crab pattern.  Looking at making one just for me of all crabs.
the total quilt really looks great, all pieces together.  There are 18 of them and three in the middle are blocks that I made.  The top is a paper piece.  The 2nd and third is from Sew Fresh from Ontario.  Love how all the water ones came together.  The theme of 2015 row by row was H20 Row by Row.
Can really see all of them in this one.  Was really pleased that it fits the queen size bed perfectly.
and the seagull at the bottom, makes me want to do a full quilt of them.  Maybe I'll do a quilt with one row seagulls, then one row of crabs.
All the different rows were different styles of quilting.  So I was so pleased when everything showed up so wonderfully.
this one is from Seattle, with the different laser cuts.  Very native the design.
the duck one is from Arizona as well.
And the above was from Anacortis.  I love that town.  So cute and antique.
In the end I was very happy, with sleeping under this quilt.  I couldn't believe I finished it.  Pinch me, was I dreaming?

Good luck to all the other.