Thursday, July 1, 2021

Been a while

NYSU picture
Yes I'm back and the only reason for that is that school is over.  What a ride!!!!  They're saying that this year all teachers are now suffering Post Traumatic Symptoms.  That all teachers and school staff have gone through trauma and they should look at this year as such.  I'm saying that the things that usually help me calm down, were not happening because I didn't have the time, or make the time.  Mostly it was because I was just surviving.  From getting up in the morning and working out to calm down for 20 minutes, to walks at lunch, and just too tired to eat, but forcing myself.  Seriously when I got home I was so tired I just would do my school work, and then pass out at 8:30 or 9:00 so no time to sew or paint.  

But on the good side, I joined Noom and lost 30 pounds.  I learned how to say no and how to switch stress eatting with working out to beat the fear and stress out of my system.  I learned to really look at myself and to see what I need and how to get what I need.  Mostly, I started to put myself first to really take care of myself.  So what else do I need to do...  I need to start being creative again...  And thus my summer journey.

I'm looking at my challenge list and realize that I do have some of them done.  I didn't have time to blog about it but the pictures are there in the Quilts 2020 2021 section, so go take a look.  I'm back baby, and I have three quilts I'm working at right now, and one that I want to put up in my quilt challenge for this month.  

My challenge, a 2013 quilt from Quick Quilts that I started to cut years ago (in 2013).  It's been sitting in a bag, and has moved 2 times.  It's called Parisian Patches with a group of fabric mixed up together.  In 3 different square sizes, you put two together, another two together, and then those two together.  When you're done making the square, you put four together to make a giant square.

It says 2013 - OMG!!

The colors are mute greens and blues.  In the end I'm doing something special with it, but you'll have to wait.  So this is what I'm looking at completing by the end of the month.  My One Monthly Goal (OMG).  I'm hooking up to Elm Street Quilts to play with others and maybe win a prize.  Who knows, but finishing this quilt will be a prize in itself.  No owner decided yet, but it will come.

Wish me luck.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Been quiet...

 Not because of depression or anything like that, but because of how busy the new world of teaching has become.  Working at home is not the new thing now, it’s in the schools with 30 kids in front of you and then afternoons of online with 30 kids or in class with 10.  It’s been tiring, but when I can squeeze in a bit of creativity, I do something.

I signed up for the challenge of getting some of my UFOs (unfinished objects) so I made a list, of three pages of things to finish.  Some are half done, some have all the material and pattern and are at least 2 years old.  So, on the list they go.

Its not just the projects that I need to finish but it’s also all the small bits and leftover blocks that keep on piling up. So I decided to get rid of them as well.  Below is the finished project.

The top part is the extra blocks from old projects, the middle is crumbs, and the sides strips.  I quilted the middle, the top, and the sides in quilt as you go.

I tried for a crazy quilt look.  Thus using all my extra thread, Andy the different stitches.  I had fun doing that.

The top is another quilt of small squares of flowers I had. So the green around it, and it was practice time for my quilting rulers.  Who knew!?!  It was still too small so I found the border in my stack, a yellow flannel backing and voila!

And finally, this beauty from Sew Fresh.  A nice doggie.  Love it.  Made it larger to cover two people.

Quilted doggie bones on it and the word “woof”.  

All beautiful in a nice brown..

Finally, with some more leftover blocks and some extra material I had, made this big lap quilt.

And the top one was completed last year but I had it quilted and I blinded it.  Queen size.  Conversation quilt BOM by Anne Marie Chany.    Loved learning from this pattern.  Every row a new style.

So I’ve been sewing, just quiet about it, like I said at the start.  Consider the first three months completed from my list.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

December almost done.

 And I’ve been very busy finishing off a couple of things.  For the first time I only joined one BOM and it wasn’t really one.  I joined Annie’s Mystery Quilt Book where you get a chapter a month and at the end a quilting block clue as to who did it....  it was great fun, the blocks were cool, you learned how to do new stuff with the videos, but the best part, the quilt....l. It’s done, quilted and all.

The flowers are poisonous, the woman killed was poisoned when she drank her tea.  The woman was an author, who wrote books.  (Following so far).
There’s a camera in the corner, the girl who solves the mystery is from a newspaper.  She lived in that house that was broken in.  Thus the ladder on the side of the building.  I love the curtains of lace I put in the windows.  
The quilt is cat approved.  Yes he’s under the quilt.  It’s 65” square.  Quite large, and snuggly.  The woman who was killed was wrapped in a quilt.
Love the logo they give you to appliqué on.  
All together a great piece.  I had winter holidays to finish it before the new year.

I loved it so much I joined for a second time.  This one is a mystery by the sea.  Thus a request for blue fabric.  

Before I go want to wish everyone a merry Christmas 🎁 and happy new year .  Stay safe everyone.

ps. Did you fill out your sheet for the APQ challenge?  I have three.  The Facebook group is so supportive and fun to see everyone’s work.  It’s also a great way to finish some quilts on your UFO and to-do list.   It’s like a giant guild online.  Consider it.  There’s no pressure, just support and fun.