Quilts of 2016

22 quilts so far as counted in October.

Another year and another season of fulfilling the promises of making quilts that I promised myself or someone else that I would do.  There's quite the list, and since I joined quilting Jetgirl with a list of what I want to accomplish I believe this will be my best year yet.  Here we go... ;)

Animals in the City - BOM with Quiet Paly


Two baby quilts - my own Design.
February, 2016

February, 2016

Love this one.  From QuiltMania - See the blog writeup here.  March 2016

There's a few more
March - tree quilt....  love this one.

Another baby quilt completed.

Cover for my sewing machine in April.  Mini completed as a pocket and added to a top cover.

Really a mini month - after Valentine's day in April

May was two of them.
Below is the quilting as you go quilt that turned out to be queen size.

I finally finished this other queen size quilt.  (in June I believe) So happy with this one.  Still on my bed.

June, ladybug quilt table top

June ironing on ribbon small table top quilt.

Also did another tree quilt of my mom's back yard in November

Finished the tea quilt...... in July...  This picture doesn't have the quilting but it's done.....  I promise   ;)

Above quilt finished and quilted.

25" x 25" quilt as part of the Row by Row by Road 17 N Quilt Shop in the town of Winkler, in Friendly Manitoba, Canada. 

In October I completed many (and started new ones as well).   Lap quilt for a great friend.

Paper pieced design  that I put on a pillow case, free online in October

Make one for myself and was done in October.

On for my cousin.  All completed in October.

This took less than an hour to finish when I started a month before.  Done in October.

Finished at the end of October.  Only had to add the edges (went crazy on the quilting), then quilt it all together.  King size quilt.

This was made in December for gifts

For my best friend Gro

A quilt bound for the Premie unit in a hospital.

I finished my block lottery quilt.  So happy how it turned out  :) 
All in December.


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