Monday, June 29, 2020

Update for the Quilting UFO Challenge from the AQS

Went to the  UFO 2020 Challenge from the American Patchwork and Quilting group and found that this month is #12.  But I've done number 12 in April, so I'm going back to my April done to get this done.

1  Conversation Quilt
 All material gathered, and two cut, but none sewn.  Suppose to look like this:

2.  Sew Incredible Seasons BOM 2019

3  Flamingo Barn Door for our Dining room using the SewKindofWonderful ruler.
 Have all the fabric, and some of it cut.  Need to start sewing.

4  Zen Chic Sky.


Have the pattern, have the geese all made, need to quilt it.  Started in 2019 in September.

5  Quilt Doodle BOM 2019
Have 8 out of twelve blocks completed.  

6  Black & White Paper Piece, 2018
 No before picture, I'm just doing the quilt.  Have 4 blocks completed.

7  HST BOM by Freshly Pieced.   MARCH
 Have all material and now all the pattern.  But haven't started.  It's suppose to look like this

8 Dwight the Deer Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman 

All the material and the pattern.  2016 - from Craftsy Online Course.

9  Hand applique 2 sisters of Buggy Barn quilts patterns.

February  - Get one block done.

Joined as a BOM, have all the material and it's all by hand so great for travel.  Haven't even started it.

In February I did the tree, the cat and the flowers, as well as the knot in the tree.  That's section 1 and section 2 I was working on.  
10  Modern quilt 
  Have all the material.  Need to cut.

11  Row by Rows to complete a queen size quilt.
  Have 18 rows completed.  Need to do 16 more.

12  There's so many more, this one I'm not going to list.  Just choose one.  Did this one for MARCH
But it's MAY
Pink Lemonade - had it partly done, some of the pieces are cut wrong.  Two rows completed.  Had to find the pattern.  Did this for MARCH


PROJECT  B version
1  Churn Dash
 About 10 done, have all the material.  Quilt guild started it and I just need to finish it.

2.  Tea Cubs
 Had one done.  All material there and all patterns there.

3  Applique Flower with wool
 All material but that's it.  I have to hand stitch most of it.

4 Sewing dummy make of flowers

Add caption
 Some flowers cut out and ready for pattern.  Its a decent size.

5  Red Modern quilt by Quilt doodle.  
Need to catch up.  Missing January, February

6  Paint brush quilt
 Have pattern and material.  Was going to make a quilt but now it's a table runner.

7  House quilt BOM   
OUCH!!!  March
One block completed out of 12.

8 Missourri quilt strip quilt
Just need to choose any one.

9  Sewing dummy made of a truck
Have some flowers cut out.

10  Strip quilt with scraps
Need 48 of them.  Have 12 completed.

11  Squirrel made by SewFresh
 have material and pattern.  This is what the pattern looks like.

Got this one done in JUNE>
12  Horse or cow.  Horse is made of sqaures.   
Have material and pattern for both

I'm also hoping to make one baby quilt a month for the hospital.

Onto the Next Challenge - I'll string something together

During the pandemic like everyone else I began to organize things so I could feel somewhat in control.  Through that I discovered (like every other quilter) that I had so many bits and pieces of extra fabric I just had to get some of it down.  So I made a string quilt for someone's wedding.  And it turned out just beautiful

They love it and it's on their bed all the time.  I love how I finished it, with ribbons knotted on top, and the letters that I button stitched on saying "Tied the Knot 2019".  It was a big hit at the wedding shower.

But I loved the color and it used up a lot of my scraps, with a feeling of seeing all the different material, and remembering which quilts they came from.  So I decided to make myself one for the summer with no batting, and just some light flannel to thicken it enough for a summer quilt on my bed.  

Well it's summer and I have some of it completed, but not all.  Here's what I have:

A lot of pieces to put together, so this will take some time.  The crazy quilt (snippet) part of it is quilted with all my left over threads as well, so that worked well.  I have to trim it to a square to be able to add all the other pieces,  It's a lot of work.  I'll put a piece of black about 2 1/2 inches wide around the crazy quilt then add the string quilts around it, then bind with black as well.

It has to be queen size and I'll finish it in less than a month.  Hooking up with Elm Street Quilts and the OMG - One Monthly Goal challenge.  Haven't won in a while so I'm excited about this one.

Good luck everyone.


Another UFO completed..... The Conversation Quilt.

I am so proud of this one, I completed it in 3 months and it was a block of the month for 12 months.  It was difficult but doable as you can see. 

And here is where it is now.

I still have to quilt it, I'm waiting for some backing that I got for $7.00 a meter considering I needed at last 9 meters to do this baby.  It's a queen size quilt, with each row a new pattern

Some of these patterns were very difficult and some were brand new (like the third from the top - I love this block now, want a complete quilt with just that block).
The quilt is by Anne Marie Chany and although I love her patterns this one had to be exact every time.  Each block needed to measure 6 1/2" to perfection.  Many you have to cut down to size.  She gives you bigger sizes on purpose to cut down.  Now that takes a lot of time.

But I love how I used up all my scraps in this one (still have scraps darn it!!!) and it's so colorful it makes me happy.  Plus the bonus is I have a cousin who's getting married (just got engaged 2 weeks ago) and this would be the perfect gift for him and his wonderful girlfriend (now it's fiancee). 
It's perfect for a queen size bed and although I want to send it to a quilting place to be done, I just can't stomach the pricing of someone else doing it when I think I can do it myself.  I'll stitch in the ditch along the white, but I have to think of a pattern for the red.  Not hearts, but how about paisley and hearts?
I'll need to put a date on it somewhere for the two of them. 

And while I was working on this one I also had a few others done including one for the AQS for the month of June.  But that's another two posts  :)  

So happy me!!!  It was great to finally get this done.  Now on to the next and some quilting.