Monday, February 17, 2020

And my February OMG is completed!

I'm so pleased to say that I have finished my goal!  My goal was the pattern you see on the side from   Brigette Heitlan - who has gorgeous modern quilts.  This one is also in her book.  It's called Sky.  A wonderful pattern using 5" squares, and making flying geese.  She uses a trick that I explain in my original post and my challenge statement here.  

My quilt did end up differently and it is on my wall exactly where I said it would be on the wall upstairs in my loft.  It's long, more rectangular then the square pattern.  I used the method of how to make the geese.  Did tons of them, then started to put them in rows, with some blanks in between.  But after that it was a free for all........  I placed them here and there with blank spaces in between and this is what it ended up liking (look below).  This is where I started at. 
 Some of the quilting was done, but definitely not all.  I do my own quilting and I enjoy it so it took me at least 8 hours.

Here is what it looks like when done and on that wall:

 The empty spaces that I quilted my own geese.  I quilted wavy lines all through it to make it look like the geese were flying.  Did it work that way?  What do you think?  But I love the blank geese the most.  Glad I did that...

 The final shot.....
The material is from Kaffman of course, that wild animal/flower print.  Love how it pops with the green.  The green was some material I purchased two or three years ago during Christmas.  You can't make out the trees in the fabric, with the quilting it all goes together and makes it look like a forest.  Very, very different.

Hooking up to One Monthly goal@ Elm Street Quilts

By the way, I did do more than that as promised in OMG.  Here's the list:

  • I completed the tree and am working the owl.  See picture below.
  • I did do 4 more scrap string quilt blocks as I promised myself.

  • I started the baby painting quilt created by Sew Fresh - a wonderful designer in Canada.  She designed paint brushes with paint drawn down.  I'm using solid colors with a background that looks like a wall that needs painting.  The pattern comes in two sizes, and I started to make the baby quilt but I turned it into a table top cover for an art teacher.  It's not completed, but it's three strips, and now I have the other three to make a second table top.  Great gift for someone else I know who paints. I may put it on my list for March.  

That's it.  That's enough for a week..  I am cutting back on my material and cutting down on some of my scraps.

Now I need to relax, like my cat.

Happy times, now onto the next OMG because there always seems to be a next.

modern Exchange is in!!!!

I had the pleasure of a great partner for the Modern Quilt Guild Online exchange.  Her name is Isabella from Florida.  And boy is she ever talented!!!!!

The rules are simple (although I didn't follow them to the letter - sorry....).  You design something for your partner from 12 x 12" to 24" square.  My partner did 24" and it's perfect for my table which is exactly where it went right away!!!!

Even my husband loves it and demanded that it went right away on my table, stating that the other table cloth that I made was ugly.  And that's where it's been since Saturday when I picked it up from the mail  You have got to see this closer...

She quilted in solid lines.  The background is what is so fantastic, little words, but the entire thing looks like morris code.  And I looked it up to make sure  what it meant and I got it!!!

Wonderful job Isabella!!!

Love it so much!  Thank you.  I hope in return you like your design which is totally BC style.  One is modern, and the view from Steveston, a place I love to walk, and the other is something I saw, on one of my walks, but not my pattern.  It's from SewFresh, a wonderful designer from Ontario, and a lady I very much admire.  

If you've never done this before, I highly recommend it, you'll meet such wonderful people.

Take care...


Monday, February 10, 2020

Sick and not sewing....

OK, things are a little crazy.  First my machine breaks down and then it takes two weeks to get it back because of snow.  Then I not only get it back but I get a spare machine from Joannes in the states, for emergency.  Now I have both machines and I get so sick I'm feverish in bed for close to a week, and all weekend I might add.  So do I get a lot done?  No, but I do get enough done to be able to meet the deadline for the Modern Quilt Swap. 

My partner in this is Isabelle from Florida.  I'm waiting for her quilt (from 12" to 24" square) and I think she'll be surprised with mine.  I hope she likes it!! Did a little extra.  Although the first one one modern it was not square, it was 12" wide and 36" long.  I can't wait to see if she's happy with it or not.  But because it was not following the rules I did send a 12 1/2 by 12 1/2" square.  It's not modern but so cute and sooooo  Vancouver.  I don't know if she's looking at this blog or not, so I'm being quiet about all of this...  So I've completed two more for my listing for this years list.

Hope to see them all at one point.