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Update on last year's quilts

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Well, it's true.... when someone tells you to take it easy you don't....
I have had five days of no driving due to vertigo from an ear infection and with no ability to walk straight I just sat..... for about 10 minutes, and then I was off.....
I sat in front of my sewing machine and completed a few things that I wanted to do.  Here are some of the results:
This was left over from another quilt with a few pieces missing.  It now has the binding and is on my sideboard.  The binding is chocolate brown. Pink Lemonade quilt from the Quilty Box.  Got bored of it fast so I moved on.  Replaced one UFO I finished with a new one.

The Canadian Mystery Quilt BOM.Almost completed, one to go and the binding.I have also started to stitch/quilt each one.I'll quilt as I go when I'm all done.This one is BC with the whales and the spirit bear.

This Row by Row is home for Yellowknife...  love it.
This was a free BOM from Quilty Designs (I love their designs) in 2014 I believe.  I did 5 m…

Finishing a few things

Well it wasn't a great month of finishing but I did get a few quilts done, and I should be happy. Also I started two new questions, but still need to push myself to get some of the quilting done.  Lets get into it right away:

One for premie babies.  From my guild Fraser Valley Quilters Guild
The front of it.
I quilted it all around the panel, and more. You can now see the bark on the tree.
I love this one!!!!  Colour play from Alison Glass.  From March's Quilty box.   It was so fun to play with the colours.  You got a Cake of fabric, you cut them into 5" squares and you played with the placement.  See the results below.
It's outstanding.  And I did black all around for binding to really pop the colours.
The quilting was simple, corner to corner, all over it.  It says something.   This took 3 days, and was worth the sewing on the binding to get this effect.   I think I'll keep this one   :)

2nd Quarter Entry.

OK, so here it is at the end of February and where am I at with my 6 goals?  No where....  Darn....  I did do somethings, and I'll show you my new goals for this next quarter, although I have to tell you I might be moving, so 
Goal #1: Complete the Secret Garden - A wool quilt with three blocks to go.

2nd goal Do at least 8 more fibre art leaves to add to one of my quilts.  The quilt is called Canadian Parks, all green, yellow and red.  The fibre art tree is finished and looks fantastic.  I have put it on the quilt, now for a few fibre leaves (at least 10 leaves) to splatter around the tree.  I also picked off the extra CA I sewed in by accident (I'm such a dunce!!!) when I was spelling Canada.  It was CANANADA, but now it's NANADA, so now I have to find the right thread (match what I have) before I fix this one.  I decided not to cover the Canada, keep it, because it looks so good.  And then I'm looking at using the Ink set to shade in the words more, so they are more…

Moving on to next Monthly Goal...

OK, I didn't do so well this month, even when I had two weeks of spring break (yes I am a teacher :), so you would think I did well?  Well, I got side tracked.  But that's for the next blog entry.  For now, lets set my goal.....
I have two quilts all done, I just need to quilt them.  So I'm choosing one and it's the King Size quilt.  It was part of my quarter goal (see the side panel for the Quarterly Goal link) and even though I finished the entire thing, and sandwiched it, I didn't finish the quilting.  So this is where I am at.  Notice my husband is holding it and he wanted to make sure that he was hidden.  Truthfully, I think I did want that as well (lol).
My goal is to complete it.  Hopefully.  I'm Linking to OMG over at Elm Street Quilts
Good luck to everyone this month  :) 

One Monthly Goal - On a Roll!!!

I"m on a roll!!!  I finished my last monthly goal two weeks into February, so I'm thinking that this monthly goal will be done by the end of the weekend, because I need to bring it to an aunt in California by the end of next week.  It's not hard.

Here's what it looked like at the start of March:

And here is what it looks like as of today (some rows are sewing together):

Still a bit of a mess, but I did lay all the squares out and I'm starting to sew the squares together to complete this pattern:

I hope to have it completed this weekend.  Good luck to all.

Was busy last weekend.....

And do you want to see what I finished?  OK!!

One of my Quilty Boxes.  Finally.  I love receiving these, but I never seem to find the time to do them, and meanwhile, the patterns and material (because you sure do get alot in those boxes - and the most amazing tools as well), keep on piling up.  But I made a promise to myself to get a few done, and this is one of them.  Isn't the redwork (the sewing) fabulous in the middle.  I'm so proud that I did it all myself.  Over a period of time of course  :)
And here is another one of those great row by rows.  But this one I'm keeping for myself. The details.

and this one is staying on the back of my couch, where my lovely cat has decided with this quilt it's the most comfortable place to be.

3 blocks from a quilt that a friend gave me to replace the tea pot quilt that I made her.  This one is a little small, but all batique which makes the material something to die for!!!!

Four more for the Splendid Sampler.  I have 40 so far,…