Sunday, June 9, 2024

June's UFO is completed... On to the next.

 This month I wanted to finish my row by row quilt.  I needed to do two more rows (one to make it wider) and so I edited one of the rows, added the whale for the California row, and finally it's completed.  Its a quilt of a vacation that my husband and I took.  Each row was from one of the towns I was at.  The top  part has some license plate sections showing the towns.  Lets see if I can remember them.  Top one California.  Next one I forgot, the next one was from the Oregon area from route 66.  The next with the trees is from Flagstaff.  And the final one was from Washington.  I used quilt-as-you-go.  The last one I'm unsure of but it's also from the coastal area of Washington, off of Seattle.

I love the whale one.  It was so easy to do.  And because I had extra time that day, I found a blouse that was cut out so I finished it.

It was made from a reused table cloth of cotton that I had found at a second hand store.  Loved the material so I made the blouse.  The next which is loose has a ribbon in it to pull it tight.  The sleeves have elastics at the end.  Love the ease of it.

The final thing I did was to clean up my sewing/painting room a bit more.  Now that I'm retired I can get a bit more done, which means that I can start of sew a bit more and get some of it under control.  I counted how many projects I have and it's over 30 so that scares me a bit.  I mean, I'm retired, but I'm not chained to the sewing machine.  So I'm trying to get a few that are really old (Like the 2015 row by row) down, and then work on more resent.  

I made a promise to myself, do two UFOs a month and I'm allowed to start a new quilt.  I have one that is blue, with all these different blocks, a bird, a fence, and big enough for a queen which is the idea.

So the 2nd quilt for the month will be the embroidery quilt that has a woman in a large dress, holding some flowers.  I made some of the blocks from the Riley Blake web site (this is their link) web site (this is their link) and I'm putting them around the embroidery section.  I'm surrounding each block with red and also adding some light red/white flower pattern material around it all to extend the quilt to a queen.  This quilt will be very light for the summer.  I'm excited to complete this one as this quilt is 11 years old, and I don't know how old the embroidery section is.  It was made as a duvet cover, so I took off the back and I am adding the squares to spruce it up a bit.  Can't wait to see if it makes it better.

That's the plan, wish me luck.

Been busy again

 As part of cleaning my storage and my office I realized that I had to make room for the kits in storage to my home.  But my goodness I already have so much.  So I’m finishing off some of some easy UFOs.  Here they are:

Table runner

Cat matt

Another row for the row by row quilt.

These are looking great.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Couldn’t wait for the pullover hoodie

 I couldn’t wait for the Riley Blake quilt a long for a pull over hoodie you make out of a quilt.  You get the template here, then pin the pattern they send you when you sign up onto your quilt, cut, and start sewing.  But I didn’t want to cut up one of my quilts so instead I used my left over blocks to make it.

I cut out on quilting cotton the pattern, then spray glued it to some batting, cut the batting around the cotton pattern, and then used Quilt-as-you-go with my extra blocks.

Sorry about the bad picture.  Below are two pieces that I did using that style.  

The quilt as you go style.  Below the top of the neck part is not done, that’s the batting.  I just kept on adding squares and blocks.

I did a solid piece for the front pocket.  You can see some hsts that I sewed together to make a bigger block then added.

The pattern is lovely and easy to do.  I wasn’t sure if there was a hem built into it so I made a big size.  It was simple to make just a little hard with the hoodie to cross and so many layers.  I recommend you use polyester thread for that.   I quilted the back then the front pieces, and the hoodie, and left the arms and cuffs for another day (the next day to be precise, I loved doing this).

The arms went in easily.  Find the center of the sleeve and mark it to match the seam of the front and back piece.  Do yourself a favor and do the bias around the hoodie right away before you attach it and the sleeves, before sewing the sleeve closed.  I biased all the seams so that reinforced my stitches and will make it easier to wash.  It is after all a quilt and will get softer with use and washing. 😃. Make sure you stitch around the front square of your hoodie to reinforce that as well.  It’s thick.

Loved the cuffs.  It helps for people like me who have very large arms.  

The sleeves look great.  Did the blocks in the center then a solid for around it, cuffs ere 2 1/2 “ squares.

And the final results I love.  It’s a little big on me but that’s ok.  It’s so comfy.

Love it!

Friday, March 22, 2024

Cleaning and sewing progressing

 Another day and it’s slowly progressing.  Like they say “slow and steady wins the race”.  I discovered some more row by rows, some from 2015 water theme and some from 2016 while was a home them.  Did two this week already for home theme.  They seem to be bigger or rather longer.  But I still have so many water ones.  I started with 52, made two quilts, one a queen.  This next one will be a lap again.  The other will be table runners.

Like that tractor one. So many…  haven’t done the row by row since.  By the way, they’re sitting on a ladybug quilted tabletop.  Gave it to my mom, and in the last move, she gave it back.

Room is still messy but it’s getting there.

I just gave away the pie plate antique table.  Haven’t used it in two years.  It even has a label but now a days people don’t want antiques anymore and I love them. My sewing machine is under the “sew” quilt cover to the left.  On my chair is the three already done.  By the chair is a fabric box of binders with patterns in it.  Those smaller boxes are kits I made with everything on it.  I have my walking metals on the door and my camera on the knob.  Behind the pie crust table is a three tier rolling shelves that have my paints (water and acrylic) and pencil/drawing sets.  Can you find the canvases?  I feel like Where’s Waldo.

These are my scrapbook kits with kits in them that are started or ready to go.  Yes I know you’re saying are you ever bad Nicole.

So now you know where I’m at.  And I have four projects going on right now:

1.  Pillow cases 3 sets
2.  Campfire quilt - queen size large square
3.  Row by rows 5 of them
4.  A quilted pull over jacket that I just started with a quilt along from Riley Blake’s Come join us.  The template/pattern is free and it looks gorgeous.  All sizes to a couple of extra large for me!  Lol

Promised myself I wouldn’t join anymore but that didn’t work.  This one is great.  Want one!  It’s for 3 months so it’s short.  I’ll try.

Oh, and the fifth is cleaning that room which means getting some of those quilt project down.  

And that’s it, you’re caught up.  Wish me luck 😃😀

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Retirement and the results…

Well that said it all.  At one point my job consumed me and I wasn’t doing many quilts as I was before.  My creativity got diversified with watercolor and pencil crayon art but I never gave up quilting, I just got overwhelmed.

So last week because my room was so crowded I couldn’t work in it, my husband and I did something about it.  We moved my bookcase with many of the books in it to the living room and now I’m sorting what’s left.  And boy is there a lot left!  About 12 scrapbook containers with projects in it, many not started, tons of bags with projects started in them, and about 5 large containers with scraps in it.  Boy I got lots to do. 

But I’ve started at least.  These are projects I did this week:

Added the flowers and leaves.  Wanted to fix this one up.  I didn’t like it before this.  But I loved my quilting.  So added the flowers 

The one below I completed last month, it’s about 8 years old.  Got the left overs at LaConnor Art Museum.  Don’t know the name of fabric but I did make up this simplistic pattern.  It’s the quilting practice that’s highlighted in this quilt.  I used different rulers on each square.  Enjoyed the learning.

I had time to do this one because I retired last week and now I have the time.  But still I couldn’t do too much because of the disarray in my room.  Thus the changes with the help of hubby.

To continue on the cleaning binge I’ve started to cut up some of the scraps in 2 1/2 strips and squares, 5” squares and 10” squares.

 Also I’ve done two small projects in bags.  One is folded quilting by Geesjwe Baron and Esther Vermeer, 

and a row by row from Oregon.  Sorry don’t know the designer, it’s quite old.  From 2016.

And that’s todays work.  Tomorrow I keep on cleaning my sewing/craft room.  Wish me luck….


Monday, August 28, 2023

One I missed and another done

 I’ve been cleaning my sewing office and I have been noticing how any UFOs I have but that’s ok because I’m retiring soon and all of the projects will keep me busy.  The kits are all together except for batting and backing.  So it’s a win win.  But I’m getting an overflow, too much stuff around to the point  that it's overwhelming me.  Like everyone else in the quilting world I can’t resist a new BOM or a bargain so I keep on starting new ones but I’m resisting ladies (hello my name is Nicole and I’m a fabricaholic.).  This past month I’ve been finishing off a lot of quilts (see last couple of blogs) but today I’m showing you one I did this month and another BOM from this year so it doesn’t become a ufo.  Here she be….

End of bed quilt.

This pattern is free at Riley Blake Design, on this link.    The squares are 10 and a half in size.  Their pattern did not include the blue line I put in, a 1 1/2 inch fold.  Stitched between the blocks, a 2” piece and the side borders.  It made the quilt bigger.  Side edges I enlarged to 4” instead.  Overall it’s colorful and fits a queen nicely.

Here’s the (not one but) two I missed blogging about….

The back of the large lap top (I used extra blocks)
The front of the laptop, very modern, a modern quilt BOM from last year that I found online at All She Can Sew.  Here’s her link.  “Kitchen Sink”. Well it was very well designed.

And my gift to a very lovely niece who just had a baby boy, so congrats to them for a wonderful child in this world.  Love to you all.

All the quilts are bonded and completed.  What have you been doing this month?  

Unfortunately I'm still behind...  lol.

Have a great week.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Summer is almost over

 And I’ve been able to get some painting and sewing in.  I have completed some baby quilts, made some gifts and cleaned my room after my bookcase collapsed.  Yeah you heard right, my IKEA bookcase (with drawers) stretched out and the shelves came tumbling down.  Too many sewing/painting/quilting books and paints in it.  Out with that old and in with a used steamer trunk that I redid.  Final product are the 1st couple of pictures.  Even used wood glue for cracks.

Redid with restick wall paper that is waterproof.  
All my supplies
The crack that I wood glued.
The start that took about 2hours.

The finish product that has projects in containers, and fabric for sewing clothes.  It worked well.

Then I had some things that are just in a tray that I needed to fix.  So I completed these projects that were small and almost done.

The container 
Pillow case embroidery 
Mug rug, hand stitched.  Tea dyed.
Look at the stitching or rather quilting.

A dress that needed a hem and to fix neckline
A very long table runner with old 2 1/2 strips.  Used Missouri Star video for pattern.  Love it.

But that’s not all.  I learned how to watercolor so I did some painting.  See one.
That’s it so far.  Have a great month.

June's UFO is completed... On to the next.

 This month I wanted to finish my row by row quilt.  I needed to do two more rows (one to make it wider) and so I edited one of the rows, ad...