Saturday, March 3, 2018

Another OneMoreGoal completed - OMG!!!!

Well, I did not do very well on last month's goal.  I did completed one of the blocks and I did do a couple of other goals, but no, I did not complete it.  So here I am making another goal for this month, the month of March.  And which one will it be?

Finish what I didn't do last month?  The quilt of flowers?  I have all blocks done this time, but I need to do the green and black squares around the entire quilt...

It also will need to be hand quilted.  The secret garden for my bed.   

Or then again there is the door panel that I have partially completed and with spring coming I would like something a little green for my door entrance way????  I'll need two panels that are 6 feet high as curtains for my entrance way into my sewing room.  The background is tan, and both sides will have leaves.  Would love that done......

Or my goal could be to complete the machine quilting on my aunt's quilt.  1/w done.  I promised myself that I would do 4 blocks a week which would get it finished (because I always do more than four).  But it's not something I can do all in one sitting because of my problems with my hips at this point.

Or finish the two baby quilts that I have started, following the Midnight Quilter on Craftsy.  That one is from two and a half inch strips.  It's suppose to look like the picture below:

since the teacher who is pregnant at our school is leaving soon, I think it's the last one that's on the list.  The Midnight Quilt Show "All Roads Quilt Pattern, which is free by the way on Craftsy.  Check it out.  Have fun with me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Joining more BOM's

Boy, I'm getting myself in trouble here, I'm looking at two more blocks of the month this month.  I'm in trouble with three of them going and all the UFO's that I want to complete.  What am I doing???  But I can't resist all these beautiful quilts.  There's two at Pat Sloan's quilt site, one's a mystery and I love mysteries.  But the other one looks very modern and is a summertime quilt.  Let's try that one.  

Then there is the Clementine Quilt Along that benefits the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  I would like to make baby quilts of each block or at least two of the blocks, that way I get to practise the new blocks.

Another great quilt a long is at the Patchwork Posse, who's quilt looks very scrappy, and a great way to get down your stash.  In the end a wonderful design that is original as well.

What can I say?  I can't resist something that beautiful.  But really "What am I doing???!!"

Oh well.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Goal for February.

But enough of that.  Lets talk about my goal that I am linking up to Elm Street Quilts.  As you saw in one of my other posts for the quarterly finish of the Finish-a-long I have a  number of quilts that I need to complete in three months.  Two are completed (previous post) but I still have eight more to do, and I really want to get them all done (a personal if not realistic goal).  So what's next?  February is a month of Valentine but no quilt that I have to do for it.  But in Vancouver Canada, it is the start of spring.  Someone told me that they saw the irises starting to come up (a picture of one from last year to the right.  )  They can be purple or white (I love the purple ones more).  With that I am looking at my flower quilt.  I have one square to complete, all the other ones done, and the edging to get done.  It's a wool quilt which means hand sewing a button stitch around all of the flower pieces, and then black fabric edging, and then green squares (different color greens) all sewing together to make another border.  Here's what it is suppose to look like

Two flowers left, the top right hand side one, and the pansies.  So the quilt is lap size but it's wool.  So who would put it on their lap.  And I have a different one from before (another BOM) that I don't use because of all the wool everywhere.  Something that I don't want on my bed because of the cat with his hair. I would be concerned about all that hair.  So that beautiful quilt is just sitting in a closet.  I need to consider what to do about it.  But this quilt, because it's also fabric (no I am not using flannel like the last one) I think I will be able to put in on the bed.  So the black around the green (edging) will be a lot thicker, and that means that there will be more green squares around everything.  

Here is what it looks like now....
All the flowers done but one (there are 12 in total)

One on the right, all the vines to hand stitched.  The white to button stitch down.  The leaves to stitch on.  It's quite a lot.

So that's my goal but with a couple of more that I won't mention, because you can only do one.  But I'm trying to clean up my work area so a couple more (Row by Rows) need to be completed.  Also, my Aunt's quilt to finish quilting so I can send it to California.  It will be quite a busy week.

Wish me luck....

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OMG for January Completed!

 It's the end of the month, and the start of February.  I can't believe how time is flying.  A month of 2018 already done??!!  And what do I have done you ask? well, I got my Monthly goal completed!!  

Not only completed, but I even added a bit to make the ViceVersa Quilt by Two Sisters to make it a queen instead of the lap quilt.  Why?  I have enough lap quilts, and you never had enough quilt tops for your bed to change with the seasons or change with your mood.  I know, I know, not everyone is like that, but I am.  

This quilt is five years old.  It was a BOM that I joined ages ago.  I went out and bought some beautiful material that was very old fashion for a quilt that is quite modern because I wanted to see the effects, and it's so different I don't know what to make of it.  You tell me???!!

Here's what I started with this month.  What's in the box and almost all of the blocks completed except for one.  Every month we did two blocks, the same block but the inverse of it.  To the right you can see two star blocks, one with all the fabric in the center, and the other with pink in the middle and the same fabric around the star.  Can you tell where it is?
And now take a look at the quilt in it's almost completed form. It's form sister Sampler quilts by AnnaMarie Chany. It is quilted, with straight stitch, and stitch in the ditch.  Then some other places with stitching straight in larger sections.  Take a look.


Notice the quilting

Vice versa means opposite blocks

I added bigger strips in the centres to make the quilt bigger

Look at the quilting.

See the beautiful colours, it does look like this.

So I've completed what I said I would do.  And to top it off, it's on my bed right now.  It looks fantastic, and really lights up the room with the vibrant colours.  I think this quilt is one that is truly old fashion, with such a modern design.  I love it.

But there's more than that to show you.  I made another lap quilt.  This one was made with batiques, a jelly roll of beautiful browns and oranges.  Wonderful design as well.  The pattern is called blue glass but doing it with all of these colours it makes me think of Africa, because some of the patterns on the fabric look like animal skins.  It's perfect for my sofa.

Look how great it all matches.

Stitched in the ditch.

Look at the quilting around the border.
Been pushing my comfort zone with free style quilting.
Enjoyed it.

Hooking up with the OMG club (One more gone) with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly goal.for quilts that have been started and not completed since the Vice Versa quilt is five years old.   The jelly roll was a year old (saving it for a rainy day - and in BC that's been all month long  :)

This is also two quilts that have been on my list for completed quilts in this quarter of the year for the Finishing Club.  I still have 10 more to go....

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The 2018 Finish-a-Long is coming

I'm so pleased!!!  She Can Quilt is  continuing to do a 2018 finish a long which is made up in quarters.  It's a low pressure community group that encourages you to make a list of projects that have already been started but need to be finished, and boy, do I qualify for that!  I have tons of UFOs, some are more than 5 years old.  When I joined a number of years ago, I found it really motivated me to complete my UFOs and rewarded me sometimes with a prize.  You see you link up at the beginning of a quarter and then at the end of the quarter you link up a link for each item on your list that you finished. Each link is an entry into the random draw for great prizes sponsored by our generous sponsors. There is no penalty for not finishing something on your list but the rewards are great, from material to patterns to gift cards.  I'm very excited to continue on as I've completed a number of my UFOs because of this encouragement.  And I know I'll continue on.
I continue to have a list, and buying patterns often, wanting to make more and more of the beautiful designs I see, be a part of the online BOM's out there, the list keeps growing and growing, so I need to stop or control this little impulses of mine  :)

But there are a number of quilts that I've started, then started other ones without finishing and I made a promise two years ago of not buying without finishing two quilts to get the numbers down.  I was doing great, then for some reason I started again (three BOMs this year and I know I need to stop now) so the Finish a long will definitely help get me back on goal.

What's on the list for January?  I''m keeping the number low this quarter so I can feel the success more.  Here they are:
(1)  I need to finish quilting my Aunt's Quilt.  I'm bring the quilt to her this summer.  Using small squares in neutral threats all over it.
(2)  My Vice Versa quilt which is 5 years old, and all pieced blocks.  But not together.  The quilt project is from the Sister Sampler quilts by AnnaMarie Chany. It's a wonderful book, with three different samplers you can do with friends. All use traditional blocks with a modern twist as you can see from some of the blocks I have completed.  Same block pattern, but using the opposite of materials to make different blocks.   It looks like a big mess below but when it's done it should be spectacular.  The only problem is that the quilt finishes as a twin, and I want a queen so I'll be doing some edits as I go along.  This is also my One Montly Project as well.     

(3) My new bard door pattern.  I have one section almost completed, and have to make the other one.  It's a pattern form SewKindOfWonderful from their book "One Wonderful Curve".  The book uses the curve ruler, which makes all curves so easy to complete, I'm just getting side tracked to complete this one.  It's definitely on my radar this quarter.
(4)   This quilt is a Pixel Quilt class from Caro Sheridan on Craftsy, a free class with the pattern.  It's the class that taught me how to do my Sunflower Quilt.  I enjoyed that so much there's the drive to complete a second one.  This is the quilt for me.

(5)  This last one is called the Midnight Garden.  I have all the blocks completed but one. When that's completed, I have to do the trim outside on all of it which is small 2 and a half squares of different greens.  It's a wool quilt so that will take time as well to do, and I want to make it queen size which means I ned to add something to the overhanging sections, a rabbit by flowers maybe.  We'll see and hopefully, so will you.  Here's the pattern picture:
I'll need to buy some black material as well for the edges.

(6)  I have the material and the pattern from to make a Paper Piecing Star Wars Characters pattern, that I would love to do.  The pattern is from QuietPlay and is approximately 5" x 15" in the end.  I have the material for around the wall hanging.  Want to hang it up in my classroom before I get back next week.  The pattern is free here on Craftsy.  And here is what the pattern looks like.

(7) I want to keep up with my Sewology BOM that you can find on Craftsy here at this link.  It's a great quilt for a sewer, containing things like a stitch riper, thread, a pencil for marking, all blocks to make a large square quilt.  I was behind on this quilt when I first started, but now I have three blocks completed, and I want to make sure I keep up.  It's over in April, so that's right at the end of this quarter.  That makes it great to be on this list.  I'm not showing a picture of it because I want it to be a surprise, but sufice it to say I have three blocks completed, and the rest to be done in April.  Once more, I'm trying to make it larger so I can put it on my quilt.  We'll see what happens.  
(8)  This one also, I have the pattern and the material (bought it three months ago) and never started it.  But it is just sitting there, so I would love to get it off my desk.  It's called Birds of a Feather from Sew Fresh Quilts.  I have the material to make two of the birds (the red bird and the blue jay) for my small antique table to protect it.  See the table pattern look below:

(9)  This is the final one for this quarter.  I want to make a quilt using 2 and a half inch strips for a quilt for the back of my couch.  I have the strips in grays and browns in batik so I am looking for a square around a smaller square.  We'll see what it turns out to be.  

 OK, that's nine quilts in four months, stay tuned to see how well I do.  

One Monthly Goal start for 2018

It's good to have a goal, everyone says that, and I'm really a list maker and a goal maker.  So linking up to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal (OMG!!!!) is perfect for me.  It makes me accountable to myself and others that follow this blog (and most days it amazes me that people do follow this blog and want to see what I create).  Anyways, enough of that and on to the goal.

I have joined three (not one, not two but three!!!  Oh boy, another year of that!) BOMs online.  As always I love Quilt Doodles designs.  You have got to follow her work and see her patterns online.  She's starting a new BOM and her work is outstanding.  Want to see some that I made?  Click here to see both I made.  I gave one to a friend and I miss it so much (but it went to such a great friend) I'm considering doing another one for myself.  And along came this one so I can have another one.  The black one is right now on the back of my couch.  

So here I start again, on that one and two more that I'll talk about later.  This    post is about my goal for January!!!!

I plan on finishing my Vice Versa Quilt, one that is about 5 years old, and was sitting there with only four blocks to finish.  So this week I completed the four blocks and now I have to put them all together.  Here are the pieces all together (what a mess) and I won't reveal it until I'm done.

It's one of the patterns from the Sister Sampler Quilts by AnneMarie Chany.

Linking up to January's One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts.  Thank you for this wonderful encouragement.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

4th Quarter Success

I did so great this term, I can't believe how good it's been.  I may be because I was unable to work because of a bad back, and the chair I sit in was the only comfortable one I had.....  So it worked out great.  1/2 hour of sewing, three hours sitting, etc.  But many are done, so what I've done is link to the blog entry that shows it's done, and have a picture of it completed.  Lets start shall we?!!  .

Here's the first one, a oval top to complete for my table top.  Love the colours, love the finished one...

The 2nd one is my row by rows.  I have a number of them, and now I have at least 9 left.  I've been continuing to work on getting a king size quilt all completed, and use quilt as I go on that one, but I digress, here is the one that I did complete...
This is 2 A....  I never worked on the bottom one, but I did do three other ones...

and the third and forth....

I plan on doing two of them, so does that make it 2A and 2B???  :)

The 3rd quilt is one to finish, it's the Vice Versa Quilt.  This has been on my list for the last two years.  I have promised myself I will finish this quilt before the end of the year, and it will be on my bed by November.  Well, all blocks are done, but I don't have the plain backdrop like you see in this picture so it's not done, and will be on the next quarter for sure.  But at least I got all blocks done.  It's a NO to this one.

Number 4 (another one you're saying?!!)  is the midnight Garden where all but one block is completed, and I need to do the outside as well as the inside.  It's a wool quilt, and the one I have left is the 3rd top one. It's completed, but I didn't do the siding on the quilts. I need more green, and I'm looking at doing a very big sided one, with maybe some rabbits.  Need more thinking on this one.  But the answer is NO on this one.

The 5th quilt was a NO as well, with too much quilting on my list.

The 6th one is here I made the pattern below a king size and the quilting is taking up all my time.  It's another christmas gift for my aunt in California.  This is number six.  And it's completed.  

Here's what I had...

and here's where I am

but it's not fully quilted.  So this is a NO.

The 7th quilt was a Christmas quilt. And it's done and on my bed!!!! It's a YES. Here is where I was at the start... with one row missing.

And here is the completion that is on my bed for winter

 The final row done.

Number 8.  It is a quilt that I want to give away for Christmas so it was on the list.  I have the kit for it and the class is the Pixel Quilt class from Caro Sheridan that is a free class on Craftsy.   On my list for next term.  It's a NO.

This is number 9 - a quilt for myself. It's a YES I now have my painting framed and now the quilt completed.  I'm so excited.  I am entering this to CQA and hopefully it will be accepted.  Here they both are, the before and after:  

No, that's the not the painting, that's the quilt.....

Number 10 is my barn doors I've been working on.  All quilted and hanging up again.  The before picture looks like the after...  So here's the after all quilted....  It's a YES

Sorry, light is terrible, but too big to move.

And while I'm on that one (number 11), I started another door, using a pattern from SewKindOfWonderful from their book "One Wonderful Curve".  The book is great, with really different designs.  I'm terrible at curves, but the curve ruler from SewKind of Wonderful makes it a breeze to make curves.  I have one panel done, need to work on the other panel and quilt them.  But i only have one door completed, so it's a NO.

2nd one done....

So that's 5 out of all of them, which pleases me.  I also have some other things (BOMs) caught up, so I am doing well, and I still have a week of holidays left so lets see what else can be done.

BONUS:  A pillow UFO completed.