Wednesday, September 19, 2018

4th Qurter coming up.

I missed the 3rd quarter Finish-A-Long but I'm still keeping track of what I've done and what has not been done.  I'm finding the 2018 Finish-A-Long very helpful in completing many of my UFOs or things that I've gathered material for but just store it and stare at it once in a while (yeah, you know you do that as well.....)   So what I thought was to share what's been done in the 3rd quarter and then list what I want to do in the next in another blog posting for October because that's when you list your next set of goals.  So, here we go....

(1)  The Midnight Garden. DONE  And my mother is absolutely crazy about it.  It's wool with  two and a half inch squares sewn all around the wool.  It's really very beautiful.  Here's what it looks like now before  (to your right and here is what it looks like completed:

(2)  The pixelated eye - which is a Craftsy free course online with Caro Sheridan.  I have the kit and I would like to complete it so I can exchange the pixelated quilt that is hanging right now (a pixelated sunflower I made after this course) can be changed.  But I only cut some of it, I didn't even do a stitch.  So this is going back on my list for October.

(3)  Wanted to make the 2nd door for the quilted barn door that I have started for my entrance way to my sewing room.  The pattern is from Jennny Pedigo and Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful.  It's from a book called One Wonderful Curve. It's a fantastic book with beautiful patterns, all quilts have curves. And I got it done.  It looks wonderful and was perfect for the summer, to change the look of our dining area.  Take a look.  It's quilted with small leaves all over it.  I'm very pleased with the look.
(4)  I want to complete some Row-by-rows that I've been collecting for the last two years.  At one point I had 110 of them.  I've slowly but surely been going through some (I've done over 20) and I want to set a goal of four of them in this quarter of time.  I am hoping that in December I will have enough to make a queen/king size quilt for my bed.  I am also working at Quilting-as-you-go style for these rows.  I've made this goal.  I have quilted as I go 6 of them and made the following but two are not quilted.  So I guess I didn't make this goal.  Need to put it on my list for next quarter.

(5)  Another goal for this quarter is to do another quilt kit that I purchased.  It has old style quilting material that is made of diamonds.  You use 2 1/2 inch strips.  Perfect to make a fast quilt.  I started, made the triangles but haven't pieced them together so this is back on the list.  I don't even have a picture for this one. 

(6)  Flamingo Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman - I have been gathering up the pink material to complete the quilt.  The pattern is wonderful.  Here's someone else's quilt already done up.  I am starting from scratch - nothing is cut.  And still like that...  Definitely for the next barn door, and definitely on the list for the 4th quarter.

(6)  Deer Course on Craftsy - Under the same idea - Patch work Piecing:  Woodland Animals is a Craftsy course by Elizabeth Hartman.  I still want to make a pillow of it, or a smaller quilt.   If not the deer then the bear for a child's quilt.  After Sewology, this one will be a breeze.  But I'm going to be realistic and think a pillow since I want to make flamingo doors, and that will take a bit of time.  We'll see.

(7)  Still haven't touched Pat Sloans' 100 blocks.  I think I've lost a few in the move last year, need to keep on looking.  But I do have the shadow material to make the quilt.

(8)  I set a goal to keep up with the Sewology BOM that I am part of.  It's a wonderful quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns on Craftsy.  I'm excited athat I only have the buttons section to complete.  All the others are done, and even pieced together.  When put together it's almost the right size for a queen size quilt (I've been adding spaces to some sections to help me make it bigger.  But I am confident that although not done for this quarter, it will be completed for Christmas.  Who's getting this quilt?  ME!!!  and I'm looking at entering it for our Guild's show in May.  It's the perfect entry.  I'm also looking at doing a secondary pattern for the back so I can flip it and use both sides.  One side the pattern shown and the other side four needs with thread.  It would look great together.  Can't wait..  

(9)  You and Me Quilt by Tres Chic.  IT's DONE!!!  And did it ever take so much time to do those 1/2 inch to 1 inch little squares all over it.  And you wonder why my machine needs to go in.  
Thinking this is enough?  Noooooooo.  There's more, and some urgent.

(10)  A table cloth for a friend of mine made by Northcott Fabric, their artisian line.  It's DONE!!!
Great backing as well
she's extactic about it.
(11)  A panel of a heron, that's from Artisian Fabric  Absolutely gorgeous.  Just doing it as a panel for a table top.  It's not done and it's on my next one.  Do love the look of it.  Making it into a table top for my aunt for her Christmas gift.  She'll love it.

12) This  Craftsy Quilting Class Quilt. wasn't even touched.  Still need to do it but it's top priority on this quarter's section because this one is definitely going into the quilt show as well.  The quilting on it will make everyone ooooo, and ahhhhh
three done now.

13)  My  Redwood Quilt (quilt that is completely made up of red material) is not done at all but the stitching is completed.   On  the list to complete.
and now

 14)  I joined a class for making a quilt called "In Full Bloom".  It's making a flower out of coloured fabric.and this one is done....  Beautiful and hanging on my wall.  DONE

15)  I have material for a pink top and the pattern.  Short sleeve, cotton top.  Want to complete it before July but never got around to that one.  Instead I completed this one, top and pants

16)  I also have pink material for a jumper dress that is perfect for this silk/polyester material that has a lot of embroidery but was too busy this summer to get to it.  I'm leaving it for next summer.

17)  The final sewing project I wanted to complete was a small knit top and shorts set for the summer but as before, I never got to it.  Was organizing my closet and that was more important.

OK, that's it, as you can see I had a goal of doing at least 5 out of the list and the total is.....  Drum roll:

I did five!!!!  And two of them queen sizes!!!  So as I said this really helps me to get things done.  I know I'm doing great.  Wait for the next quarter and....


My machine needs help!

OK, it's down....  My machine is jamming up and making a funny noise, which means I have to bring it in for a cleaning.  But it's because of all the stuff I've been doing.  I try to keep it clean inside, but I do sew a lot and here's a few more I've made with left over pieces
A table top for the top of our CD case holder.  They're 7" wide.

Another baby blanket with my favorite book.  Can you see who that is? 
Still need to quilt it....
Another two blocks from my Sewology
Another block from Sewology.  This one is pins and pin cushion.  Bad picture, sorry.
One of my Row by Rows from last year for "HOME".  
 From Quilted Treasures at 1140 Austin Ave, in Coquitlam, BC  

Of course the cleaning up of my sewing room is still in effect.  Here's an update of pictures.  One side looks really good, with the current project ont he right side of the sewing table.  But believe it or not the 2nd picture is actually an improvement of what it was before.
I can actually see the top of the bed.  Yes, that thing that looks like a desk is a bed that you pull out.  Not like those beds that you flip down.  This one has it so the front opens up and out comes the mattress.  The bottom drawer pulls out to be the support for the flooring of the mattress.  It's hard to explain but at one point the idea is for the top to be totally clean.  Every day you work a bit more.
Getting there....  More has been moved or packed away and all my painting stuff (you can see a bag of it, and a canvas by it (behind the blue cutting mat).  And all the stuff on the counter is gone.  It's getting there, it's getting there.....

So come Friday I'm bring in my sewing machine, and for the next week I'll cut patterns and catch up.  But I can honestly say that my OMG goal will NOT be completed in a week's time.  So I need to review my goals and see what I have to get done next for the quarter goal which I believe has gone by, but I'm still doing.  Continuing on....

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Last kick at the can as they say

School starts Tuesday here in British Columbia and when that starts I won't have as much time for quilting (not that I have right now).  So I'm trying my hardest to get a few things done before the start.

But it's more than that....  I have to redo our counter top because I damaged it with a Mr. Clean brush (never never use that on a counter top), because it's worn out.  So a talk with a gentleman to do a quote, an agreement, and a comment about having to know where the main water cut off line is starts me to organize the closet that has the main shutoff values in it.   Yes, you guest right, it's in my sewing closet which is packed tight with material....  This gives me the incentive (I had no choice) to clean up my sewing area and make the values more accessible in an emergency.  That also means learning exactly how much material I have. 

Now many of you out there are sighing right now and saying "oh no" and know exactly what I'm talking about.  It's a great pleasure to find and buy new material, to put it away, to organize it into a project, start to collect the other material needed, and then some other pretty color catches your eye and off you go again.  Almost like a raven with a shiny bauble.   It's never ending.  But when you see how much you have, and when you reorganize your closet and you have a lot of left over material that can't go back in, now there's something wrong with that (besides being a fabricaholic).  OK, how where does this leave me???  Thinking I have a problem.....  One I'm willing to admit right now, and I'm trying to do something about it.  I'm trying to get a lot of my projects done, so I can get the pile of material down.
Orphan blocks together in a 8" x 12" table runner

Background was in scrap drawer.

My office is still packed full (I also paint with acrylics and sew clothing, and knit), but it's getting down and getting organized.  Right now I've had a couple of projects completed.  Here they are....
Sewology, one of the stitch rows on it.
Quilt Doodle September's block.

Baby blanket, completed, but still need to quilt

My room is still unorganized, but believe it or not, this is better than what it was....  I've completed a number of projects so it makes the place look more organized.  And two of my BOM (Sewology from Craftsy and Quilt Doodle - see side links) are at an end, so I'm completing them, which means two more of these babies will be empty and waiting for something new.  But I would like to make another quilt that has something to do with sewing and put it on the back of Sewology.  That's the quilt I would like to enter in our quilt guild's show this June.  Sort of like a two for one.  

I also completed a suit that I made about two years ago, so that's in my closet waiting for me to wear it.  The top is like a suit jacket with short sleeves, perfect for far.  Take a look.

So what do you think, have I done enough?  Still working on the Sewology for this month's goal....  BOM.  Still have 4 blocks to complete and then I have to start on that back part.  It will be tight to get it all done and keep that room clean.  And now that school has started it makes it twice as hard.  Oh well, nothing tried, nothing gained.  

Take care.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

One Monthly Goal for September

OK, I missed August because I was soooooo busy...  Like everyone else I'm sure.  But I did complete a quilt for August.
I made this one for a friend of mine, a table cloth.  No batting in the middle but I did put a backing on it, and it's very heavy, and great fabric at that.

So what's in it for September?  I would like to finish my Sewology BOM from Craftsy.  All blocks have been sent out, so I can complete it.  And then for the other side I would like to do a quilt on the backside as well.  It's a lovely quilt quilt.   Here's what the top looks like when it's done....
And the back will be a surprise..  I have the iron done, the thread, the pencil, the scissors, the picker, and the ruler done.  The rest I have to complete....

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Another two completed

With so much travelling I am surprised at how much I've gotten accomplished this summer.  Even though there has been 3 or four quilts completed (not sure at this point but the American Patchwork List sure is going down....

So lets get to it.....  I've caught up in my Quilt Doodle squares.  Here's the last three to catch up...
It's looking so bright and festive.  Perfect for the start of winter.  It doesn't have to be just for Christmas.  Snow is from November to March in some provinces.  Here's the next:
Anna's table cloth.  All completed.  And it's very large, 77" by 55".  There is no batting it does have a backing.  See below.  To get it together I sewed around the different edges, and new colors.  Twice on the purple around the panel.  It's in the style of the modernistic, whereas it all dots to make the picture.  But what's very cool is how I finished the edges.  I put the two wrong sides together and then turned both edges under 5/8 of an inch, and double sewed the edge, very close to the edge of the cloth, as well as a bit more in to make sure it doesn't unravel.  On a large cloth it should be great.  But I'm giving it away today, so I may never have time to take another picture. 

One more completed, and on to the next  :) 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Another Month Gone by....

Another month has gone by and another number has been drawn for the 2018 UFO Challenge.  It's now #8.  And what quilt of mine is that one?  It's the black and white paper piece one that is only black and white to replace or go with the wall mural.  But that's not the problem, the problem is that I am also trying to complete my #9 which is the table runner for a very good friend of mine, Anna.  So now I am very much behind in this one and in all my blocks of the month.  Am I taking on too much???  You better believe it.  Here's an update of the challenge with pictures of what I have completed.

So happy sewing to everyone out there.


1Pat Sloans BOM
Have about 55 to go out of 100.  Need to step it up

2Black and white squares
For my aunt in California.  I delivered it in June.  All done.  It's a king size quilt and it's gorgeous.  Jealous that I didn't keep it for myself.
3Sewing BOM (March)
Am currently 4 blocks behind.  On my list to catch up this week, but the quilt BOM is almost over so I have to catch up.

4Quilt Doddle BOM
Currently caught up with all the months except for the last two.

5Bird Runner (April)
Have all material but not cut.  Going to give this to my Aunt as part of her Christmas gift this year.

6 Green Wool flowers (May)
All done and now on my mother's bed.
7Triangles in old fashion (June)
Sewed the strips together, and now making the triangles.  Working on that one this week.

8 Black & White modern (August)
Paper pieced, have material, need to start squares.  Only have 3 squares out of 100 started.

9Table runner for Anna
Have most done, adding because its too small, then need to quilt it.  Will give it to her this month.

10Monas quilt
Completed and given to my cousin.  It's beautiful, had fun doing quilt-as-you-go.

11aMissouri quilt (June)
Have Cake material, need to complete rest.  Not sure which one I'll be doing now.

 l2  Barn door to complete (January)
All completed and it looks fantastic.

4th Qurter coming up.