Thursday, October 1, 2020

What's next on the hit parade????

 Well it's time to make October's goal, and I'm happy to say that I've completed the All People's Quilt challenge selection already.  So maybe this month's goal is to catch up on another one that keeps on trudging along but I don't get it done.  So here it is, my row by row....

I have 18 row by rows completed.  All are quilted.  I am using Quilt as you Go to attach them all in two rows.  I now need to make the center row because three rows of row by rows will look stupid. See what they look like so far.  Below are two more sections of 3 to add together then to the 3 more for the right side of the quilt.

Need to quilt these.

For the middle I have purchased a pattern from SewFresh for a seagull, a crab, and the posts that are in the water (I don't know what they're called).  I also already have from her a pelican pattern (I made this one before and gave it away to someone in Florida).  Plus I have a little surprise for the top (a paper piece design).  This is what I hope to finish this month.  

It should be queen size, quilted massively, and it will be one more for our bed.  The hard part is done, 18 row by rows, each one taking at least a month to complete (remember I work also).  So wish me luck.  Hooking up to Elm Street Quilts for Octobers finish.

PS this is also's June or July's finish off of All People's Quilt Challenge.  So once more, two stones with one throw  :) 

Back to School Quilting

 With work resuming the time spent on quilts and quilting is small, but I'm still trying to get in some creativity time.  Now my quilting has changed from creativity to a stress releaser.  Two cases reported in our school and we continue to work.  School is two blocks a day with lectures of 2 1/2 hours a session.  I prep 4 classes in total (2 different classes in each of my blocks) and prepping for all.  Marking is piling up, but exhaustion is bigger.  I don't know if I can keep up this pace but quilting does help to release the stress.

But I did get my September's goal for OMG completed.    Hanging with pride.  Here's my initial blog entry saying I was going to try to get it done....

The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.  It's called Dwight the Deer.  I'm calling it Oh Deer!!  since it was done during the Corvid era of going back to school with this.  The pattern is easy, but label all your parts because there are a lot of pieces.  But it makes a good size block.  This one is 56 by 56 in the end.  It's already earmarked for someone for Christmas.  But I am considering another one for a pillow for Christmas.  They're cute.  All her patterns are adorable.  Check them out here.  I have the clock, the sasquatch, and a couple of others.  When I'll get this done I don't know....
This is also the August quilt for the All People's Quilt Challenge so it was a two for one!!!

And I'm still plugging along with my Row by Row queen size quilt.  I have 18 completed and I'm making one large block for the middle to bring it all together because three rows of row by rows is too hard on the eyes.  I should be done that in October (My October goal of the month) but I had this one, and I got it at Prescott AZ in a small quilt shop there.  It was a souvenir of a 2015 trip to the Grand Canyon, so on the way we got this one.  The French wedding.  (I can say that because I'm french by birth, and people have called me a french frog every once in a while.).  Anyways, both my husband and I wanted this as a table topper for our buffet, so that's where it is.  You have to take a closer look at this one.
All the members of the wedding party.

The parents of the groom
The bride's side of the family.  A little different. Dad is hung over
And the bride and groom.  Veil included.

I had fun with that one but I had even more fun with this one.  I took a 2nd class of Quilting with Rulers by Silly Moon Quilting Co.  This is my second class and this one is with half circles.  It's amazing what you can do with 4 of these rulers which make 8 different sizes.  And the patterns you can do, check it out below.  At the end of the course, you're almost completed the table runner.  Took about 2 more hours to finish the end thing.  And I love it considering it my first time using these rulers.  Take a look....  I highly recommend it.  The class is online.  You buy the rulers online, they send it and then they send you the pattern to make the top first, and the session on Zoom for 4 hours quilts that quilt top.

Can see where I backtracked but not on all of them.
My favorite above

The edge work - there are four edges she teaches you.  This is one that I wanted done.  Had fun with this.

So for a month, this is not bad, partly finished another one, then all of this.  Is it my usual amount of quilting?  No but as I said I'm back at school and I have some finishes.  So I'm happy.  

How's your quilting going?  Getting anything done besides masks?  (I've done 14 more.....  )

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Didn't get August's OMG completed but I got something done

 I have been busy this month, and although I did not get my August goal completed, I did get a lot completed.  I've been busy.

I took a class on quilting with rulers.  Here's the results.


I made another painting quilt table top.  This one has a saying...
Also, I used the rulers from Silly Moon to quilt this.  Took me no time at all!!!  And look how straight the lines are!!!  They make their own rulers, and they have zoom classes on how to use them. 
The class was so much fun, I'm doing a second one.

Like the quilting on the top one?  I used ONE ruler from Silly Moon to do it.  They taught me how to do it in their Zoom online class.  Guys, if you're looking for a presenter, they'll present to a guild!!  Just contact them.  And NO, I don't get any money from them for saying this, I just really really enjoyed the class and the inventors of these rulers.  Made my life easier for quilting.
Used some of the painting brush outlines from the quilt.

This is from Annie's Mystery Book and quilting.  I believe it's the center piece but I can't be sure.  I used lace for the curtains and flower pieces from other quilts for the windows.  It's 24" long.  Love how this quilt is going to turn out.  The side applique is a ladder going up to the window, it's how the murderer got into the house.....  Yes, it makes you wonder doesn't it....
Some of the other blocks.  I caught up in all of the blocks that I was behind.
Paper piecing.

I also did some paper piecing on my own after I took a class at The Stitchery Studio.  It was a fun class.  I took it with a friend.  And although I knew about how to do paper piecing, it was still fun because as the instructor said "If you walk away with learning at least two things, then I've done my job"  Well, I learned more than two things, and I corrected my paper piecing technique to improve it, so I'm very pleased now.  It also really helped with the Annie murder quilt which has paper piecing in it.  So it was a win win all the way around.  Spending a lovely day with a good friend (who adores to quilt as much as me) and learning something new and fun.
Not to stop the crazy/maniac theme going but I also completed 6 row by rows from 2015 to hep me finish another quilt I have been working on for about 3 years.  I've done two sets of 9 row by rows all connected (18 in total people) and now I'm doing the center blocks to complete it for a queen size bed.  The row by rows are at least 32 inches across, and the center will be at least 24" but doing all these row by rows are really challenging because each one is so different!  And takes a lot of time to finish (at least two to three weeks of working on the weekend. ).  Then there's the quilting of each block, which I use Quilt as You Go to attach them together with a 2 1/2 inch strip.  A lot of work.  It's a very busy quilt, but you'll see it in September I'm sure.  The bottom first two are the square which you fold in half, sew down, then roll the edge to get you that curve.  Never did it before.  But the video from Jordan Fabrics really explains it well, and that's what I used.  I also love the free pattern they demo on, so that's on my list of things to do (OMG another one!!!!  Nicole you're crazy!!!  Must be, I'm talking to myself).

Here's the video that really helped.

And this is the one that I thought I would complete. But I only competed a part of it.
I got two done.  But it takes four.  I did advance on it.  I cut out all the pieces, but only made this one and the face of another one.  So I'm going to use this for my goal this month in September and join up with OMG (One Monthly Goal) to get it done this month. 

Wish me luck.