Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What I'm working on

I've been doing a QAL with my group at the Quilting Guild, and it's my first time.  I gave out the first block (two rows, 10 blocks sewn together for one row so 20 in total), but with no sample, because my machine broke down.  But now it's done.  Here's a picture:

The second and forth rows (a repeat) is harder, there are two blocks and both do 2 and a half inch squares as you see.  In one row you have three of these, and then a star block. You do two of them.

 Notice how they just touch.  I love the colors I've chosen.  When I'm done I'll post some of the patterns so anyone can complete this touch.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Another one completed..... Just the Wrong one.

OK, for the UFO Challenge I said I was going to finish two quilts, one which was the Sewology Quilt (one block to complete), and the other is the SnowFlake Shimmer Quilt by Quilting JetGirl.  I purchased the material (two by accident) and although the quilt is 72 inches by 85 inches, with the extra material I want to make a queen size quilt.  Want to see what it looks like?

Instead I started working on two other different ones, and both ones are completed.  Here's one.

It's a panel of beautiful work and quilt large.  I just quilted the entire thing in blue, and dark gray, and the final thing is a table topper of art.

And here is the second one.  This one is from Quilt Doodle, their BOM which was scrappy.  Here's some pictures of the final:

Some buttons for noses

Look at some of the quilting on this quilt.

 Some of fabric.
 My last cat, Garfield (missed my little partner) 
The final quilt was CAT approved.... by Lynxy, my husband's cat.

That's one more done on the American Quilt Challenge list.

So which one am I looking at completing this time?

Why the Sewology again.  Here's what some of it looks like:

What it is suppose to look like.  Have the buttons for the last block.

That's just two of the blocks done.  I have all blocks completed except for one, then I have to piece it together, then quilt it.  Looking forward to completing it and doing some sort of edge around the entire thing.  Wish me luck...  Hooking up to Elm Street Quilts for December.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Update of the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge

OK, another month gone by and now there is just two months left, November and December and you can bet your bottom dollar that there won't be that much sewing in December.  So now, here I am with at least  7 more to do, and three of those I can easily get done this month.  What do you say?  Can I?  OK, I'm looking at #3, 4, and 7 to complete


1Pat Sloans BOM
Have about 60 to go out of 100.  Need to step it up.  I need to do box style borders.  This looks like it will be Decembers, so I need to do some work NOW!

2Black and white squares - September
For my aunt.  Just quilting left on a king size quilt.  Fully completed now.
3Sewing BOM
Have only 1 block to complete and then I'm done!  It's gorgeous and so large, I'm excited!

4Quilt Doddle BOM
All blocks are completed, now to put it together and quilting it.  Look at this one completed this month.

5Bird Runner
Have all material but not cut

6 Green Wool flowers
All put together need to quilt borders and quilt squares
7Triangles in old fashion - July
It's partly done, have about 5 squares completed, but I need to finish it.

8 Black & White modern - August
Paper pieced, have material, need to start squares.  Only have 3 squares out of 100 started.

9Table runner for Anna
All completed.  With a backing of blue.  Anna loves it.

10Monas quilt
All material there.  Flowers, purple and green with butterflies on it.  I love this quilt.  It was quilt like you go!!

11aMissouri quilt
Have Cake material, need to complete rest.  It's the choice for June

 l2  Barn door to complete - January
All completed, and hanging on my wall.  Fully quilted.

I still haven't finished #11, so it's still the choice between one of these Missourri Quilt Company quilts.  The one I am very interested in doing this one

This one needs 1 roll 11/2" white strips - includes inner border
1 roll 21/2" print strips
3 packages of 21/2" squares
- 84 count
OUTER BORDER is 1 3/4 yards
BINDING is 3/4 yard
BACKING is 71/2 yards - vertical seam
for a 80 x 80 quilt


This one needs 1¾ yards dark solid fabric
1¾ yards light solid fabric
BINDING:  ¾ yard
BACKING:  3¼ yards - horizontal seam(s)
This one is smaller.

This one will satisfy my #11.  I need to find out what is this month.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Mystery on Thanksgiving?

Well our Thanksgiving time is not the same in Canada as in the US but I believe this should be interesting.  There's a Mystery quilt
from (see above...).  And it should be very interesting.  The fabric requirements are the following

Greens: 1 1/4 yards

Blues: 2 yards.

Reds: 1 3/4 yards

Oranges: 3 2/3 yards

Neutrals: 6 yards

It can be scraps, or plain colors, or a very small pattern.

According to the designers the seams take up a LOT of fabric, up to 30% when the piecing is small.  Don’t be alarmed at the yardage requirements given.

The more pieces per block, the more fabric is in the seams. Plan accordingly and know that individual yardage requirements may vary depending on width/length and sizes of scraps used. You may need more or less fabric depending on the method you choose for each unit I present. I believe I have given ample yardage for even the methods that would use the most fabric.

Clues will come every Friday with the first clue going live on Black Friday, November 23rd.  No set time of release of the clue is given, but generally before 9am eastern time. 

I don't know if I have time for this quilt but I do know that it looks very interesting, you need to be accurate with your cutting and sewing, because there seems to be a lot of triangles so if you're game...  The address is below.  Have fun.

OMG for November

OK, it was terrible, my October OMG, I got it done except for one block and I'm trying to get that done this November.  But I also have another one that I'm working on and I started this week. 

So I know that we only need to link up one (I'm doing it at Elm Street Quilts)  but I'm taking control of this blog entry and I'm putting in two to complete.  The big one is the quilt I'm doing called Snowflake Shimmer Quilt.

The first one is what I've been working on for two months (see the last two entries here on my blog - I'm going to get it done so help me!!!!).  Then I would like to work on a new one and this one is fabulous and a free pattern online.  It's from a kit I bought for about $40 american and it gave me enough material to make a quilt that is 72 inches by 85 inches.  That's a lot of material.  It looks like this now:

And when done it will look like this:

It's from Quilting JetGirl who is absolutely fabulous and the link to the Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along is below with a diagram of the final.  The Quilt along is old, but this pattern is fabulous and modern, and will always be new.  Check it out.

Just you wait....  I'm excited.  I have Friday and Monday off this week because of Remembrance Day.  Working on something for that as well...  You'll have to wait.  Good luck to me!!!  Linking up.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

OMG October

Another month coming and boy did it come fast!!!!  I'm back at it after the summer laziness, and the September start up of school.  So here we go for another OMG (One Monthly Goal).

I have been working faithfully with my Sewology BOM by Pen and Paper Patterns on Craftsy.  I only have one more to do - the buttons, then it's all done.  The quilt may be at least a queen size, and I've been working towards that.  The background is dark gray, and I'm out of it, so I'm hoping to make a match of something else.  But I am sure I can quilt it before the end of the month and have it on my bed by the end of October.  Who's getting this quilt?  ME!
On a side note, I really loved the sewing machine pattern.  I would love to make another one to hang on my wall in my sewing room.

Also if I have time I would love to make another quilt for the backing, so that I can flip the quilt back and forth.  The back quilt is of three needles.  So this will take time, but it will be worth it. 

Let's have fun!  Linking up to Elm Street Quilts.

4th Quarter Finish-A-Long

Another quarter coming up and I'm really excited about it (as you can tell as I'm blogging already my goals).  Some of them are new and some of them are old, but I feel confident that I'll get many done by December. Some of them will be in this year's Fraser Valley Quilt Guild Show in May, and some are for my personal use at home.  Some are more important to me than others but many are to get through so I can move on.  I love making lists and this certainly makes me do them.  Thank you to the Finish-A-Long group for helping me to get organized and for motivating me to get many project that I just look at and admire done, and on my bed or on my wall.
So lets get started shall we?  I'll try to put these in the order of importance to me.

(1)  My Sewology BOM by Pen and Paper Patterns on Craftsy.  I'm excited that I only have the buttons section to complete.  All the others are done, and even pieced together.  When put together it's almost the right size for a queen size quilt (I've been adding spaces to some sections to help me make it bigger.  But I am confident that although not done for this quarter, it will be completed for Christmas.  Who's getting this quilt?  ME!!!  and I'm looking at entering it for our Guild's show in May.  It's the perfect entry.  I'm also looking at doing a secondary pattern for the back so I can flip it and use both sides.  One side the pattern shown and the other side four needs with thread.  It would look great together.  Here's a sneak peek of one section.  Can you see it on the master picture?  The sewing machine was absolutely fantastic.  I want to make another one so I can hang it on my wall.  Maybe even for Christmas give a wall hanging to a friend of mine that collects antique sewing machines.  We'll see.  This is a definite finish before Christmas and going into the guild's show.

(2) This  Craftsy Quilting Class Quilt is still calling my name.  It's now  top priority on this quarter's section because this one is definitely going into the quilt show as well.  The quilting on it will make everyone ooooo, and ahhhhh.  I've watched four of the videos and can quilt at least 3 more squares.  That's the goal, to get it done by December.  It's that important.  One of the top three.
three done now.
(3)  I've been meaning to do do this quilt for quite a while, since I've seen it on her site.  Quilting Jetgirl made a quilt along called Snowflake Shimmer.  Fat Quarter shop was selling the material for such a ridiculous price that I bought two so I have more material to add an extra edge to the quilt to make it queen size.  I have the material cute out so I can start sewing once I get my sewing machine.

(4)  The pixelated eye - which is a Craftsy free course online with Caro Sheridan.  I have the kit and want this on my wall by January.  That's the goal.  It's doable.  With my sewing machine being fixed I have the time to do a lot of cutting out of pieces and this is one of them.

(5)  Like the last quarter I want to complete some row-by-rows that I've been collecting for the last two years.  I am also working at Quilting-as-you-go style for these rows so I can make a large queen size quilt for me and my husband.  I also want to show this quilt to my guild as I'm doing a show in May.  My goal is to do at least 4 this term and two others from the "Home" series for my Aunt for Christmas.  Doable right?  We'll see.  An example is below of the home series and the water series three years before that. .

(6)  I want to finish my Quilt Doodle Scrap quilt for Christmas.  I have all the blocks completed, and this next month (October) they are showing us how to put it all together.  Although I'm really thinking of making it into a winter Barn door for Christmas and winter.  I have to see the finish item because I don't know if I can make the pattern fit to a door.  We'll have to see.  Here's some of the block...  The idea is to complete all the work and quilt it.

(7)  Flamingo Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman - I have been gathering up the pink material to complete the quilt.  The pattern is wonderful.  Here's someone else's quilt already done up.  I am starting from scratch - nothing is cut.  And still like that...  Definitely for the next barn door, and definitely on the list for the 4th quarter.

(8)  Another goal is an old style quilt made of diamonds for my cousin.  You use 2 1/2 inch strips. I started, thought it would be easy but you have to be very careful of piecing all the triangles.  This one really takes time.  All of it is in a box.  

(9)  A panel of a heron, that's from Artisian Fabric  Absolutely gorgeous.  Just doing it as a panel for a table top.  It's not done and it's on my next one.  Do love the look of it.  Making it into a table top for my aunt for her Christmas gift.  She'll love it.

(10a)  This one is a two part section  I am also looking at finally starting a quilt pattern that is designed with flowers.  The pattern is of an old truck but parts of truck is made with flowers to shape the truck.  I would love to enter it as well in the Guild's show but more importantly I would love to see it hanging on my wall.  So what's the two parts?  I need to practice with a pattern of a sewing dummy (you know those partial body things you use for sewing outfits?).  It will be big enough to put on a wall in my sewing room, and it's made of flowers as well.  So that is (10b). 

(11)  Still haven't touched Pat Sloans' 100 blocks.  I think I've lost a few in the move last year, need to keep on looking.  But I do have the shadow material to make the quilt.

(12) I loved making the "In Full Bloom" so much that I bought another one.  This one is flowers as well and just as big as the last one I made (see below).  So that's on the goal to complete.
(13)  Deer Course on Craftsy - Under the same idea - Patch work Piecing:  Woodland Animals is a Craftsy course by Elizabeth Hartman.  I still want to make a pillow of it, or a smaller quilt.   If not the deer then the bear for a child's quilt.  After Sewology, this one will be a breeze.  But I'm going to be realistic and think a pillow since I want to make flamingo doors, and that will take a bit of time.  We'll see.

(14)  My  Redwood Quilt (quilt that is completely made up of red material) is not done at all but the stitching is completed.   On  the list to complete.
and now

OK, that's it, that's enough.  I'll be lucky to get 5 done but it's better to list as many as possible.  Some people who read this will think I'm crazy for thinking I'll get so much done in so little time with life the way it is, but all I have to say is.....


What I'm working on