OMG Quilts to Complete Updated

It's been a while since I've updated this list, and truthfully, with the purchases of many BOM patterns there is quite a bit to update.   I can't believe how much I have to do!!! So here's my list of quilts that I need to complete.

  • 2014 Quilting Garden BOM paper piecing BOM by Quilt ARt Designs.  Her work is fantastic,  you can see more of her designs at Crafty site.

The border is different, it's triangles.  
2014 - I have a BOM that I got from my mom's gift called Garden Gathering that I got from Carriage Country quilts, one of my favorite quilting shops in the state of Washington.  Look at all the applique on this one as well.  Do I pick them or what???!!!

This will take forever, but I'm willing to wait. I have all the material.  Just need to start it. Both fabric and wool to do.

The background and applique is pink on brown, flannel and wool.  How can you not like that!  I had to have this one but I have not even started it. I will try to finish this one this year.  It's my only wool that I have and I love doing wool..

3.  Swoon quilt by Camille Roskelley  Thimble Blossoms.   Camille Roskelley is a wonderful designer and you can see what she does on her blog Simplified at .

4.  When I saw this book  I just had to have it.  Really want to do a full quilt with all that paper piecing.  Love the look of it and love what it would look like in the end.  You can make a complete town from this book.  There are 16 projects with accurate paper piecing and each chapter comes up with a different theme, one even with cabin style.  It has wall quilts, table runners, place mats and even pillows.  Excited to try it.  Take a look, the book is from Martingale and you can see the quilts inside here.....

5.  Carpenter's Star - both material and pattern from the internet.

5. Maestro - Birds on a pier - only the pattern

6.  W - Home Tweet Home - McKenna Ryan - 9 blocks. - have all the blocks from a friend.
7.  L - Any of the One Block Wonders from "Sew One and Your Done" book - have tons of material.
8.  Q - Blue Water with Cat tails Quilt - material and pattern from Magazine.
9.  Star Quilt from the FVRQ Guild - I just need to finish two more blocks, and the centre one which is a real terrifying one to look at.
10.  L - House Quilt - both pattern and material.
11.  L - Glass Window Quilt - hand dyed material and the patterns - a 12 month pattern
12.  L - Scrap Happy Sampler from IQuiltModern.  Excellent store with really great, modern quilts.  Take a look. Love this one, with blocks that I've never tried before.  Very excited.
13.  Q - Star TrekPixelated Quilt - Spock - my own design to try.
14. L -  Pixelated Eye quilt.  Have the material and the pattern.
15.  Q - Pixelated quilt of my husband (made the pattern)
16.  Modern quilt BOM - have the pattern.
17.  L - -Classic meets modern Craftsy pattern.  It's made but I have to quilt it.
18.  Sew Kind of Wonderful Sew Along - got pattern book and one quilt completed, but never made every single one of this BOM.  12 different blocks in it.
19.  Q - Sew Kind of Wonderful Navaho quilt with mini ruler.
20.  Sew Kind of Wonderful Book - want to make the flowers in the pot quilt.  I have two books, that I could do every pattern in.  But need to choose one.
21.  L - Modern Crossroads by Madeleine Roberg in Easy Quilts Spring 2013 magazine.  Got the pattern and material.  Need to cut it now.
22.  T - Beach quilt.  Got some of it done, but not all.
23.  L - Sew Emma Snapshot Quilt - did two blocks, but I don't like the material so I need to find more.
24 - L - Dog quilt.  have fabric and pattern.
25.  Q - Driesdon Craftsy - have material and pattern.  Need to start
26 - Q - Up North Pattern.
27.  Q - Animal quilt Pattern
28.  L - Deer quilt - got material and pattern.
29 L - Learn to quilt on Craftsy - Completed it.

30.  Q - Crazy Barn Applique from two sisters.  Have pattern, material, need to start.  All applique.
31.  L -Frogs, have material, pattern,.
32.  L - Pink pin wheel.  Material, pattern, and partially completed.
33.  T - Chinese circle.  Material, pattern.
34. L - Squares in the tin box - pattern and material,  others doing that one.  Got it back from the Tin Club.  Many done, need to finish about 16 more and put the quilt together
35.  L - Row by Row - Canada - all patterns, all material, need to finish.  DONE, 2017 - one lap quilt with 9 rows used.  Need to make more.
36.  Q - Row by Row American side - all patterns, all material, need to finish.  Got 4 more completed.
37.  T - flowers pieced in black - Amish. - material, and pattern. Small one.  Need to start.
38.  Q - Squares with Hexigons - pattern, material, need to start.
39. L - Batique  triangle quilt  for Colleen- pattern, material, need to start.- DONE, Gave it to Colleen and Laura.

40.  Q - Circle quilt from Craftsy - material red, need to buy the white, need to start.
41.  Q - BOM 2015 buckets - material, pattern, need to start.
42.  L - One block wonder - material, pattern, need to start. 
43.  L - Stain glass BOM - material, pattern, need to start.
44. L - House BOM - material, pattern, need to start.
45. Q - Hand appliqué old fashion girl on white, with squares of color.  top for queen quilt. finish.  Bought the applique.
46.  Q - Girl on a farm - applique that I am designing - Some material - need to continue/finish
47.  L - Blue HST's - all HSTs done, need to finish.
48.  W - Big city/town pattern.  No material, but I have the pattern.
49.  Q - Modern pattern just bought on Craftsy on sale.   Solid colours and then hexis around it.  Have pattern and material.  Need to start.
50.  L - Tractor quilt with barns to complete. It's part of the Farm Girl Sampler by Lori Holt.  I purchased the book. Have some material.  
51.  T - Using charms for Precut Primer pattern.   YES - did two - DONE one in 1st Quarter 2015 and one in 2nd Quarter 2015.
52.  Large L - Large hexi flowers pattern from Craftsy store - have some material.
53.  T - circular birds - have pattern only.  Want to do this one with extra material I have and scraps.
54.  Q- Apple Quilt - have all the material and the Thangles to do the quilt.  Need to Finish.
55.  Pixelated Marilyn Monrol.
56.  Q- Star Quilt from the FVRQ Guild - have the material and the patterns.  Have all done but the last 3 starts and then the big middle one.  Need to Finish.
57.  L - Skeleton quilt from "Dare to be Square".  Material and some of it cut.
58.  L - Curved red quilt using Sew Kind of Wonderful Ruler - 
59.  NEW - W - Portrait quilt on Craftsy's Class - (no material yet)
60.  NEW - W - Landscape quilt class on Craftsy (material and course work - just ready to start).
61.  NEW - Wall.  Freedom - Canadian Eagle .
62.  NEW - Wall - Whale from by best friend.  Done

63.  NEW - Wall - Tea Time given to me by my best friend.
64.  NEW - Laptop Bears - got the material, need to start.
65.  NEW - laptop Deers - got the pattern
66.  Queen -  Summer Sampler 2016 - joined online - blocks developed by many different quilters.  Only have patterns, no material for this yet.  
67.  Queen -  Summer Sampler 2017 - joined online - blocks developed by many different quilters.  Only have patterns, no material for this yet.
68.  NEW - Queen -  Summer Sampler 2018 - joined online - blocks developed by many different quilters.  Only have patterns, no material for this yet.
69.  Queen - Conversation quilt BOM - starts 2019 January.
70.  L - Missouri quilt modern. - doing it in red and white.
71.  Missour quilt strips to make triangles by sewing strips.  For Mom - DONE

72 L - scrappy 2 1/2 inch squares to make Irish chain.  All from scraps.
73. L -  Purple stars.
74.  Q - paper piece black and white
75.  W - Flower dress dummy - start with this pattern before I do the next.
76.  W - Flower Truck (got material and pattern)
77.  Q - Blue and yellow big star quilt (have all material from Craftsy.  Need to complete it.
78 - W - Cow strip quilt,
79 - W - Row by Row Seattle quilt - DONE

80 - L - horse - have the material and the pattern.
81 - Northern Animals - have the pattern.
82 - Animals - have pattern
83 - Paper piece african animals - have the pattern.
84 - Flamingos - have material and some cutting done.
85 - Albaca's to complete - pattern only

Craftsy Courses to complete:

  • Fabric painting with Annette Kennedy
  • BOM 2015 by Jinny Beyer - Have fabric for baskets.
  • Mastering Foundataion Paper Piecing with Carol Doak
  • Free Motion Quilting a Sampler with Leah Day (to finish off  my 2012 BOM that I completed with Amy Gibson
  • Pre-cut Piecing Made Simple with Camille Roskelley - DONE ONE!!
  • Piece, Patch, Quilt with Gail Kessler
  • Playful Piecing Techniques with Camille Roskelley - DONE TWO OF THEM!!!
  • Block of the Month 2013 with Laura Nownes - have fabric
  • Block of the Month 2016 
  • Quilting Big Projects on a small machine with Ann Petersen
  • Creative Quilt Backs with Elizabeth Hartman
  • Linear Lanscape Quilt with Gloria Loughman
  • Pictorial Quilting Techniques with Wendy Butler Berns
  • Beyond Basic Machine Quilting - 

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