Friday, August 1, 2014

OMG for the Lovely Year of Finished!!!

OMG!!  OMG!!  That's all I can say for this one!!!  Down to the very wire!!!  And I missed it!!!  But that's OK because I"m not done still!!!
Material Girl's BOM

20 blocks - all using a layer cake and material of my choice

Free style bubble quilt.  Can't see it well,
but you can definitely feel it.

Real small circles around the circle.

Picture was above that pink triangle
That' small the quilting
That's it.  Hand binded as well.  The back is all black with white dots as well except for the top (had left over squares), which is light pink.  I still have 6 blocks to do!!!!  OMG!!!  I didn't make it!!!

As for the other things in total, here is my done list - I must be nuts!!!

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