Monday, December 3, 2018

Another one completed..... Just the Wrong one.

OK, for the UFO Challenge I said I was going to finish two quilts, one which was the Sewology Quilt (one block to complete), and the other is the SnowFlake Shimmer Quilt by Quilting JetGirl.  I purchased the material (two by accident) and although the quilt is 72 inches by 85 inches, with the extra material I want to make a queen size quilt.  Want to see what it looks like?

Instead I started working on two other different ones, and both ones are completed.  Here's one.

It's a panel of beautiful work and quilt large.  I just quilted the entire thing in blue, and dark gray, and the final thing is a table topper of art.

And here is the second one.  This one is from Quilt Doodle, their BOM which was scrappy.  Here's some pictures of the final:

Some buttons for noses

Look at some of the quilting on this quilt.  Hearts on top, and wandering stitch below.

 Some of fabric.
 My last cat, Garfield (missed my little partner) 
The final quilt was CAT approved.... by Lynxy, my husband's cat.

Thanks Cindy for another great block of the month.  This one is so cute, it's my husband's favorite quilt and it's the one on the back of our couch, so he can grab it and cuddle in to it.  Want to see some more?  Here's the blog hop of a few examples

Want something like this?  Cindy is doing another one, this one is a garden!!!  I've been following Cindy for ages now, have three of her BOMs (see side links for more).  Go to Quilt Doodle Designs.  I've also done a couple of her dishcloth patterns.  Cindy's work is beautiful.  Hooking up above to all the web sites for a quick run through them all...  You'll be amazed.

Check out Cindy's Quilt Doodle Designs' next design...


  1. That is a great quilt pattern! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

  2. I love the colors on your quilt, I also am fond of your cat approved block! So cute!

  3. Great colors in your quilt! The purple really adds to the charm.

  4. The colors are so rich in your quilt. Cindy does do a great BOM every year!