Sunday, June 14, 2015

Been Ages but Look what's happening

What a rough month.  Anything that can go wrong did go wrong!!!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
Troubles at work, and troubles finishing my quilts for my first quilt guild entry.  I didn't do just one entry, I did 4!!!  But there was another one that I wanted to finish and that was the Norma quilt which is also called the star quilt.  There were a number of people who completed the quilt and every one of them looked different.  So I'm wondering what mine would look like if I finished it?  Hummm.....

But there were others to do and others to completed.  So here are two of them.....  (this is for you mom  ;)

The first one you've seen already, it's the first block of the month that I finished last year.  It's by Material Girls and I'm sure it's still on their web site.  It's a quilt that's made with two layer cakes and the only thing that I did different was to put a 3 inch border around every block and I used the same material instead of one of the layer cakes.  The results you've seen below:

All pebbled quilted (circular) the size of your nail on your pinky....

Then there was Gro's quilt....  Loving the colors as usual...

But this one is the killer......  This has left a permanent callus on my finger and you'll see why....  Here is one of the things I promised to complete (See my list on this link).

Done......  Well not quite.  But at this point I'm not doing anything because after a while (and it was two weeks solid every night to put all the pieces together then applique two more corners and do the vines all around, and then.....  Jee whiz, it was nuts!!!!  But Done!!!

From this...

To the completion....  Thank goodness!!! Another UFO of a year and a half done!!

But as for the other one, didn't even touch it!!  To learn to do different styles of quilting is crazy!!!  But I'll complete that one and another that I started at Sew Fresh Quilts - Elephant Parade!!! Finally I want to complete my SunFlower Pixelated quilt.  That would be three unfinished quilts in one seciton of time..  TRYING AGAIN!!

Learning to Quilt from Craftsy.

Complete the Sunflower Quilt

Elephant Parade - lots to do.