Thursday, December 29, 2016

Things done before the 25th

Well, it's been a long time since I've written last, and in that time period although I got a lot done, it wasn't as much as I wanted to.  The holidays were very tiring, and I never did catch up on my sleep.  So without further ado, let me show you the great things that I did get accomplished.

A gift for my friend Gro, "Just because" she's such a good friend.

A quilt for the hospital for Premie Babies.  I'm very pleased with this one.  Take a good look at the fabric, it's adorable.  All about pirates.

One more block for my Midnight Garden BOM.  I'm two behind for this one.  But I'm still happy with this one because it took forever.

My block lottery quilt!!!!  Completed!!!  Look at the quilting above.  Below is the size of it.  In the end I placed the blocks where I wanted, not following the final placement, but it looks great!!!  The quilting on it is amazing, with every block quilted every inch.  In the end it's stunning.  I'm calling it "Multicultural" because of all the different shapes would not be put together, and yet, it matches in the end.  That's what is so amazing of this quilt, the fact that even when we're all so different in Canada, we can still fit together.  I'll have to measure this one so I can enter it in my Quilt Guild's show.

And a quilt table top that I have created for my Aunt for Christmas.  It was one of the Row by Row's for "Home Sweet Home" for Seattle.  I was very happy with the results. I weaved quilted it to make the quilting look like waves all over the piece.  Notice the sea hawk emblem on the stadium?  For you Seahawk fans.  And to the right is Mount Ranier.  There is even a pod of whales in the water.  This row by row is a work of art.  I have one for myself made and one for my aunt.  I'm so pleased with the results.

So that catches me up, I'm pleased to say.