Saturday, March 23, 2024

Couldn’t wait for the pullover hoodie

 I couldn’t wait for the Riley Blake quilt a long for a pull over hoodie you make out of a quilt.  You get the template here, then pin the pattern they send you when you sign up onto your quilt, cut, and start sewing.  But I didn’t want to cut up one of my quilts so instead I used my left over blocks to make it.

I cut out on quilting cotton the pattern, then spray glued it to some batting, cut the batting around the cotton pattern, and then used Quilt-as-you-go with my extra blocks.

Sorry about the bad picture.  Below are two pieces that I did using that style.  

The quilt as you go style.  Below the top of the neck part is not done, that’s the batting.  I just kept on adding squares and blocks.

I did a solid piece for the front pocket.  You can see some hsts that I sewed together to make a bigger block then added.

The pattern is lovely and easy to do.  I wasn’t sure if there was a hem built into it so I made a big size.  It was simple to make just a little hard with the hoodie to cross and so many layers.  I recommend you use polyester thread for that.   I quilted the back then the front pieces, and the hoodie, and left the arms and cuffs for another day (the next day to be precise, I loved doing this).

The arms went in easily.  Find the center of the sleeve and mark it to match the seam of the front and back piece.  Do yourself a favor and do the bias around the hoodie right away before you attach it and the sleeves, before sewing the sleeve closed.  I biased all the seams so that reinforced my stitches and will make it easier to wash.  It is after all a quilt and will get softer with use and washing. 😃. Make sure you stitch around the front square of your hoodie to reinforce that as well.  It’s thick.

Loved the cuffs.  It helps for people like me who have very large arms.  

The sleeves look great.  Did the blocks in the center then a solid for around it, cuffs ere 2 1/2 “ squares.

And the final results I love.  It’s a little big on me but that’s ok.  It’s so comfy.

Love it!

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