Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This weekend's Quilting Fest

Have you ever seen the book "Urban Country Quilts" by Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks. I'm loving it.

Made three quilts with it so far, two with pictures, one I gave away before I took a picture of it. They're simpler then you think yet are gorgeous when done. The first was with fabric I had saved for three years and finally found what pattern I loved. I made a queen size quilt. I haven't sandwiched it yet, thinking of double stacking it (using two cotton quilt fillings in it) but if I do that I'll need to have it professionally quilted, and it's a queen size. My machine is just not up to it. If I only use a single layer, I could do an easy stitch in a ditch, but wouldn't a butterfly design with a long arm just look great? Any suggestions?

The second one out of the book is a table top but big enough for a lap. The colours are gorgeous, with me using dual side interfacing to attach all appliqué. I didn't satin stitch it, instead I stitched about a 1/8 - 1/4 inch inside with gold thread, and the results are fabulous. When you wash it the material will unravel a bit and the frayed edge will only add to this look. Thinking of quilting once around the flowers about a 1/2 inch but I'm not sure. Like the way it is now.

Next quilt- love the combination of appliqué and quilting but looking at doing the strips I evenly with all my scraps of green:

Anyone do this quilt yet (besides the writers)?

Nicole Painchaud

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