Monday, July 28, 2014

July's 2014 NewFO Challenges - table runner.

This blog posting was done in two parts - I started the blog posting on the 18th, showing the start of this quilt.  I purchased a bag of pre-cut material for $7.25 at the quilting show in Abbottsford a couple of months ago.  The cuts for lengthwise of the material, and perfect for making thangles, so I purchased the pre-made thangles and want to make something with the material, be creative....

Here's the package and what it included, pinks with flowers, light straight pink, pink and green polka dotted on white, and straight white.  So, as you can see from the pre-cuts, it's perfect for thangles.

Here's the first one, a double star, looking at making three stars, with the polka dot material around each one, then smaller ones maybe if I have the extra material.  I'm only using what material is in the package.  The white will be the backing.  I'll probably get 2 large stars from the material and one small one.  Which is fine.    Will continue to post about this one.  It's going into the  "2014 NewFO Challenge.

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