Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Row by Row Experience

Two days ago for about three hours I started to catch up on my BOMs.  Last year I tried 9, and finished 3, this year I'm in 5 and I just signed up for another one from Bellingham, across the border.  I have to pick up the package every month, across the border.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy!!!  But it was such a lovely pattern (tea time - I love drinking tea;) and my safety guard - my best friend Gro - didn't stop me from buying into the pattern.  Gro and I were on a "Row by Row Experience" hop - collecting rows from BC and down by the border in Washington, and it was her job to make sure that I don't buy anything but the rows (I'm a recovering Fabric-aholic like most of us).  But with a $2 price on material for backing from A Great Notion in Abbottsford and then Fabric-Etc in Bellingham, I didn't stand a chance.

By the way, if you are in BC, you have GOT TO pick up the row at Laura's Fashion Fabrics at 1552 Johnston Road in White Rock - 604-531-3293

or the one at Fabric Notion (sorry no picture but it has the dogwood tree - BC's flower, a river with fish in it and bears going for the fish from the Fraser River - very BC) at 101 - 32526 George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford.

Both well worth the rides.

Here are two I HAVE completed - one from Tom's Sewing in Surrey, BC and the other is from downtown Seattle - a great shop right in PIke's market.  They have many patterns similar to this native art work.

Another picture - a better one of Tom's.
Sorry about the quality of the shot, but it shows how cute it is.  Loved it at first glance.

I have many different rows now and going off today to get more Canadian rows.  The idea is to make a quilt with the Washington rows and the 3 Arizona rows I picked up while on holidays.  I want to make a queen size quilt which means 3 rows across (each row is approximately 9" by 36") and at least 8 down, maybe 7 if I put the word Washington on the quilt in one section and Arizona on the other.  We'll see after the rows are completed and I can play and place them.  So many beautiful rows, I'll keep you posted, while I complete each one.

Off to 5 more in 2 hours here in the lower mainland.  Take care.

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