Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wrapped in Colour - First Time showing quilts.

Well in the last post you saw my quilts I entered in the "Wrapped in Colour" show, and although I was extremely impressed with myself in regards to finishing my Prairie Flowers quilt (man did that kill my hand), there were so many better quilts.  

So here are some of the winners...
The Challenge Quilts - 25" 

Winners of the Challenge Quilts

Viewers Choices

3rd place - Wendy Whiting, Quilting with Norma
 Take a look at the quilting in this quilt!!!  Absolutely makes the quilt!!!  Hope I get this good.

Someone at the show said that you don't compare yourself to others, but to what you're at, and how much you've improved in the year.  I can only hope that I improve each time I do it.  Thus the courses I signed up for to do this summer from Craftsy.

Take a look at the classes:

One of my goals this section from the 2015 Finish Projects.

 This looks so interesting, would love to make one.

 Painting material and learning a new quilting style, excited...

My mother is always after me to make quilt art landscapes, thus this one.

Camille Roskelley's quick piecing with pre-cuts.  The water quilt was one from this class - there are two more quilts to make.  I'm starting the spool one.

That's plenty for the summer.

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