Friday, September 29, 2017

Another one done!!!

OK, it was almost completed.  I had to added some side sections, and then to cut it as a hexi shape.  Then the quilting and voila it's completed.  White with brightly colored cheerios, which is the name of the quilt.

I got this free pattern from Auribuzz's interview withe sister and design team at Me & My sister... Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson.  The link is here for those of you that want to read about these lovely ladies.  And the pattern is still free and it's here.   I love these ladies.  They have a great book that I have purchased called "Precit Primer"  It is written like an old school book, which really makes me smile because I am a teacher.  And it has a quilt per grade.  I have already done grades one, two and three, and truthfuly, I want to do all the grades.  I think this is the first book that I want to do all the quilts.

It's also very easy to complete because each one states what precut package you buy to make it.  So choosing colors is so much easier. If you are interested in looking at the book and the quilts  here it is.

I had fun with this pattern and look for more quilts from this book.

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Another one done.....