Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OMG for January Completed!

 It's the end of the month, and the start of February.  I can't believe how time is flying.  A month of 2018 already done??!!  And what do I have done you ask? well, I got my Monthly goal completed!!  

Not only completed, but I even added a bit to make the ViceVersa Quilt by Two Sisters to make it a queen instead of the lap quilt.  Why?  I have enough lap quilts, and you never had enough quilt tops for your bed to change with the seasons or change with your mood.  I know, I know, not everyone is like that, but I am.  

This quilt is five years old.  It was a BOM that I joined ages ago.  I went out and bought some beautiful material that was very old fashion for a quilt that is quite modern because I wanted to see the effects, and it's so different I don't know what to make of it.  You tell me???!!

Here's what I started with this month.  What's in the box and almost all of the blocks completed except for one.  Every month we did two blocks, the same block but the inverse of it.  To the right you can see two star blocks, one with all the fabric in the center, and the other with pink in the middle and the same fabric around the star.  Can you tell where it is?
And now take a look at the quilt in it's almost completed form. It's form sister Sampler quilts by AnnaMarie Chany. It is quilted, with straight stitch, and stitch in the ditch.  Then some other places with stitching straight in larger sections.  Take a look.


Notice the quilting

Vice versa means opposite blocks

I added bigger strips in the centres to make the quilt bigger

Look at the quilting.

See the beautiful colours, it does look like this.

So I've completed what I said I would do.  And to top it off, it's on my bed right now.  It looks fantastic, and really lights up the room with the vibrant colours.  I think this quilt is one that is truly old fashion, with such a modern design.  I love it.

But there's more than that to show you.  I made another lap quilt.  This one was made with batiques, a jelly roll of beautiful browns and oranges.  Wonderful design as well.  The pattern is called blue glass but doing it with all of these colours it makes me think of Africa, because some of the patterns on the fabric look like animal skins.  It's perfect for my sofa.

Look how great it all matches.

Stitched in the ditch.

Look at the quilting around the border.
Been pushing my comfort zone with free style quilting.
Enjoyed it.

Hooking up with the OMG club (One more gone) with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly goal.for quilts that have been started and not completed since the Vice Versa quilt is five years old.   The jelly roll was a year old (saving it for a rainy day - and in BC that's been all month long  :)

This is also two quilts that have been on my list for completed quilts in this quarter of the year for the Finishing Club.  I still have 10 more to go....


  1. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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