Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Topping the last Modern block.

Had my friend Gro over last night, she came in the snow and rain, excitted to see the latest quilt for her to choose from. This Christmas she asked if I would make her a quilt. Seems another friend of ours has been bragging how she has two quilts from me. That was the leverage to make sure that both my friends know I like them equally. Yes I know they sound like children but they were teasing each other and Gro didn't want to use her other quilt because when she left the school we were both working at I got everyone to sign the quilt. It's a once in a lifetime quilt. So to get even with Val. The friend who started this, I said she could choose which one she wanted. After all I was trying to make a quilt a month (that includes backing and quilting ladies), so there was one a month for her to choose. She had 4 to choose from, and they are shown below. The 2nd one was what she was really was liking for most of the time but The last one was the one she chose. Good choice. Look at the stitching, it took 18 hours of 1/2 nice free style stitching to complete it.

This was the favourite for quite a while. It was star brushed quilted from one corner to the other.

The quilt above is from the book Modern Minimal. Click on this link to see it at Amazon (has a PDF file so it's on my iPad to follow directions). There's not a single quilt in that book that I don't love. Look at the simple quilting on it. The small squares are appliqu├ęd on. Below is also from that book, with a few changes (distance between the squares).

She doesn't get the quilt till Christmas!!! Now which other quilt will I do from that book next?

Nicole Painchaud

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