Friday, January 24, 2014

Another BOM... This one a bit of a mystery.

Last year Quilt Doodle Designs  put on a quilting party with gorgeous designs.  This link takes you to some of their pictures are at this link...  It's wonderful and I regret not joining last year.  As they say "An opportunity missed is an opportunity regrets".

So this year I've joined even though I'm busy with other ones.  This year I'll be part of it and I've done another peomise that I'll keep up!!!

Already went through all my fabric and found what I need to start, going to cut in two minutes and will add the picture of my work.  So excited!!!  

My background is a combination of black and blue with stars,
part of the Star Trek Series of fabrics by Camelot Fabrics.  The white I made sure was a little off, so as it was not too much of a contrast.  I love the method of putting all your 2 1/2 inch pieces on this interfacing piece but as you can see you don't have to match the squares on the piece below with the marking of your interface, so why not just use plain interfacing?  
 It's cheaper. That's what I do now, but I did have a piece left over from the first time I learned this method of piecing.In the end it's best not to forget to clip the corners before you sew your horizontal lines.  It's also very easy to do a scant 1/4 inch with this method.
The final results?  Something that I love.  I did two things different from most other people, I used shiny small buttons for the eyes, and I appliquéd the noses on the snowmen. 

This was as fun as I imagined it would be and I can't wait for the next one. Here's the results.


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