Monday, January 13, 2014

Finger moving along....

Well, after the doctor's visit, I have a new bandage and instructions to keep the bandage on for two weeks to a month.  The finger will grow back, no nerve damage, I'm OK with the pain....


I didn't want to go with simple, white, I wanted something different.  I got the strange idea of doing a modern quilt with antique looking material. The background color is a dusty pink.  The brown material has tan and blue flowers working with the other material and the green match with the leaves in it.   They all go together.

So with the first Vise Versa is below.  What do you think?  I love how the colors pop and yet still compliment...  The dusty pink is different and I hope in the end all will play well together.

I've tried out a new cutting tool from Sew Easy.  Bought it from Wineberry Fabric Store.  

The red part is a cover over the blade.  To cut you measure with the attached ruler, move your palm over top of the red section, push down and move over fabric.

It has changed with many advantages:

  • Longer length to cut the width of a standard bolt of quilters muslin without having to move your ruler.
  • Easily cuts up to 8 layers of cotton homespun. No problem with it.
  • For safety, only the edge of blade is exposed during cutting and blade retracts when not in use . The metal piece before the track stops your hand from sliding into the blade (what happened to me.
  • Ideal for use when strip piecing.
  • Left or right handed use.  I'm left handed.
  • Fixed cutting depth guards against deep cuts into the mat and reduces wear on the blade.
  • Quick change blade with magnetic system - makes it easy.

Monica Poole demonstrates the Sew Easy Roller Cutter on a Moda Video below.   This cutter took some of the fear out of using a quilting cutter again.  It took some time to get use to it, but I can see how safe it is, so I'm ready to take the time to be safe.   

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