Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just joined a great block of the month group...

One of my goals this year was to join a couple of BOM and meet some online friends who like to quilt. So far I have joined two. Here's one that I am totally excited about...
Gen X Quilters

The generation X quilt will challenge me, as well as looking so great! I can't seem to make lap quilts so I'm going for the larger one... I have to set up my flickr account to join in the sharing online....  So many people have already started and here I need to choose my fabric.  It's a fantastic idea, as you can see there are two matching blocks that are the inverse of each other, which makes this a very unique quilt.  Any blocks that don't work out, you just use on the back for quilting.  Great idea.  In the end the quilt can be a lap quilt but I'm making the large twin quilt (74.5" x 74.5").  Love the final set up of the quilt.  very unique.  It's no surprise the end results and I'm OK with that.

The Vice Versa BOM contains:
  • An Introduction - All Important Information and Guide to Choosing Fabrics
  • Instructions for cutting larger background negative space and sashing
  • 9 Block Patterns (1 each month emailed to me)
  • Instructions for Assembling the Quilt Top - On-point setting
  • Suggestions for quilting the quilt
I already got the intro to the BOM, fabric requirements and frequently asked questions. (it was posted online).  
I'm so excited.

The second one is all about quilting although there us some piecing. It's from Free Motion Quilt site and I already have the PDF file for it.

It's smaller then Vice Versa (48" x 56") but I think it's the quilting styles that will really make this quilt shine.   With these two plus one through the mail I'm ready and crazy to start...

 Will gather up my material for both quilts.  Vice Versa will need a number of colors, but New Building Blocks Quilt Along will only be two colors.  They are so different, learning so much with both.  Just hope the hand will be in shape.  Will post my colors for both soon under tag names:

Vice Versa - viceversa
Building Block Quilt Along - BBQA

Hope my finger can keep up.  Thanks mom for the christmas gift this year!  ;)

Nicole Painchaud

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