Monday, February 10, 2014

Went to the Surrey Arts Centre yesterday to look at the Fraser Valley Quilting Guild's small show and met 5 wonderful women watching over the quilts.  They were fantastic.  I didn't include any pictures because they weren't mine to show but if you want to see them go to for a look see.  They were amazing and inspiring.  They have a speaker this week  - Kathy McNeil, and you must go heard of her for her quilts with such life like quilts of birds,  that is a block of the month, and one well worth doing.  Check it out at  .  She taught at the FVQG a block that was closely related to her quilt (see below for the original).  
Outstanding, and you wouldn't believe the piece work!!  One of the girls at the Art Center took the course and was working on it.  Can't believe the work!  You can' see it here and goodness knows the piece work is extension.  The workshop started with the largest piece and on the cardinal alone, there are over 8 pieces...  So imagine.  

In other great news one of the girls there also teaches free style quilting, and I spent about 30 minutes talking to her alone.  One of the great advices she gave me was that it takes at least 250 hours before you become an expert at free style quilting, so it was encouraging considering I feel inadequate on it. After that I tried it on my valentine quilt.  Here are the results...
Can you see the hearts....

Around the leaves and stems

The more I did it the better I got with the hearts....

Found the location of the meetings online and it's only 15 - 20 minutes away so that decided it.  Will go as a member right away and not a guest.  I already did the block of the month for exchange.  It's the  Would be great to win but it was fun doing it and the block turned out very well, maybe I'll make a quilt with it.  What do you think?  It was rather simple, and quick.  I can just imagine a full quilt like that.  Did I mention my husband likes blue?  ;)

On a final note, I finished my Secret Santa quilt, and it looks fabulous.  Like its London-based counterpart, Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry is a community of fashionable, European-inspired designs that blend a variety of patterns and stunning floral motifs. Try on this unexpectedly harmonious, fashion-forward and color rich fabric collection for a dashing result. It's very forgiving, easy to gather up the material, can be done numerous times and it will never look the same.  I've made mistakes in this quilt, put the same fabric by each other a couple of times and still it looked great.  The pattern is here, try it out.  My quilt is done in flannel.  The cat won't stop sleeping on it.

See the error?  Still looks great!

All this done this long weekend thanks to "Family Day" in BC.

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