Sunday, March 30, 2014

Worked on Block Lotto...

One of the quilt groups that I really like is the Block Lotto, a blog that I discovered and has raffles if you enter one or more of your blocks.  This Lotto is open to all quilters at any level of experience.  You can make the blocks and enter them when you want or like I've been doing, just making my blocks and working on making my queen size quilts.

But I am ready to enter the game now.  I've done the January Block and February block, and just have the march to go.

On the first of each month, the new block and guidelines are published.  Participants make blocks and post photos of them.  Each block made becomes a chance to win a set of blocks at the end of the month.
  • You contact by email at jeansophie (at) blocklotto (dot) com or by posting a comment on the block lotto blog indicating that you’d like to join the group. Once we’ve connected, email me with your real name and mailing address and URL of your blog, if you have one.  Register on the site using <firstname><dot><lastname> for your username, for example Jane.Doe.
  • Make blocks.
  • When I'm ready  to post a photo, email me and let me know and jean sophie adds author privileges to my account and I sent the pictures.  I also send in any blocks that I want to enter for the draw.  The more the blocks, the more draws for people to win.  See here for who's made what and how many draws there will be.  You're name will be added to the list on this page to show that you are tered for the draw.  
  • Winners are chosen by using an online random number generator.  After the winners are chosen, they have 48 hours to confirm their mailing address and decide how many of their own blocks they’d like to keep.
  • Once the winners get all the blocks they have the chance to make an entire quilt with that block. 
Here are the blocks so far that you do to make the quilt size you want..... The blog tells you how many you need from each one to get it done.

I'm entering next month...  Want to try it at least once.  Can't wait to see what the next block is.

Here's all the blocks I've done so far... 13 different beads on a string
Had extra so I did a table runner.

Table Runner
New FO Challenge
Chevron - needed 5 of them.
I still have to do the Irish chain (I think 5 of them) but that will come with time.  I need to get more green.  The colours are really wild for this quilt, and very different.  But I love the look.

I made the beads a little differently then with the interfacing, or with the appliqué.  I did the following:
Turned material with circle mark
inside out.

See the clippings?
Make the circle pattern on the backing.  Mark the centre by folding the material crosswise and then counter crossways.  Iron it, and this will mark it.  Then fold the circle pattern the same way (marking its middle both horizontal and vertical.  That way you can match up the centre.  Once you have that, you can stitch the marking, cut out the centre, and clip the ends, so it's easy to turn inside out like the pattern above.

Once you have it inside out, you place the centre colour over top of it and pin it in place like you see in the next picture.  

Once you have pinned it, you sew around the the circle on the background.  It's sets the dot.  It's that simple. You can see the affect to the right.

The great things about this way of doing the beads is that you can do any back drop you want.  You can do bricks, stars, what every and then decide to put in a circle at a spot.  Just sewing the material that you will turn inside out to make the hole any where you want.

Sorry the directions are not that clear, I'm trying to get use to taking pictures every step of when I do something to help people understand what I'm trying to explain.  It will come with time.

So it's been quite the spring break, with me trying to catch up with all my Blocks of the Months.  So here's a quick list:
  • Vice Versa - Caught up.
  • Doodle - Caught up.
  • Debbie Mumm's Stars of honour - Caught up.
  • Globe Trotting - Caught up.
  • Secret Santa - completed.
  • Craftsy Block on the Month 2012 - caught up and more (did Jan, Feb, March and another month.)
  • Block Lotto - Did January & February, need to to March.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole - need to do flying geese, but all else is caught up.
  • Building Blocks - did 8 out of 12.
  • Material Girl's Layer Quilt - did 1 - 4, need to complete 5 - 12
  • 2014  NewFO Challenge - table runner - still on track.
  • Fraser Valley Quilt Group Star Quilt - Need to do Januarys, but February & March done.
  • Thangles quilt - did  3 packages and at least 10 different blocks.  It's coming along easily.
  • Aurifill - did one, working on it now, to make a quilt for the end of the bed.  Love the look so far but it's for a queen so it's taking a long time.
  • Sycamore Quilts Applique - finished January, part way through February, but haven't started March at all.  This quilt takes time for each block.
  • Pairie Flowers block - did two this month.  At the half way point. 
Need to consider - to get busy...
  • Garden - paper piecing - started one.
  • Wish upon a star quilt  (seems people are having trouble with this).
  • Open Gates Quilt - haven't even started.
  • Tell it to the starts - haven't even started.
  • Open gates quilts - haven't even started...  this one looks difficult.
All together, feeling good about this break, catching up and all.  Unfortunately with the next month (April) need to do all of these.  

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