Friday, April 4, 2014

Update "To Do" list for April.

Can't talk so I can't teach.  Doctor has given me another inhaler and this stuff to put up my nose as well.  So now what?  I've been cutting, then sleep, then organizing, then sleeping. etc….  You know the drill.  So I thought I would do like many other people I've seen  do on their blog.  I made a list for what I have to do this month.OK, I know I've done this before but here it is again...

  1. Down the Rabbit hole Flying Geese - need a lot of them.
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole - April's block.
  3. Material Girls' Layer Cake 5 and 6 (cut)
  4. Material Girls' Layer Cake 7 and 8 
  5. Material Girls' Layer Cake 9 and 10
  6. Material Grils' Layer Cake 11 and 12
  7. Free Motion Quilt along Block 2 styles
  8. Free Motion Quilt along Block 3 - 4 styles
  9. Free Motion Quilt Along Block 4 - 4 styles
  10. Crafty 2013 Quilt Along April (2 of them) 
  11. Crafty 2013 Quilt Along May (2 of them) - one almost done.
  12. Crafty 2013 Quilt Along June (2 of them)
  13. Aurifill's quilt for the end of bed (2 rows completed, need one more row, and binding)
  14. Aurifill January
  15. Aurifill Feb.
  16. Aurifill March
  17. Aurifill April
  18. Block Lotto March
  19. Block Lotto April
  20. Quilt Doodle - April
  21. Vice Versa - April.
  22. Globe Trotter - April
  23. sycamore-rose-block-2 - half way there
  24. sycamore-rose-block-3
  25. Sycamore Rose block 4 (April)
  26. Prairie Flowers (#7)
  27. Start of a quilt I've been dreaming of - its appliqué. 
  28. Galaxy of the Stars - 4 stars in the corner. - January
  29. Galaxy of the Stars - April's block (I get the block this Tuesday).
  30. Finish table runner beads on a string (needs to be quilts)
  31. Start of a new quilt - disappearing pinwheel at or  

See it below for what I really would love to do (but there have been warnings in regards to how it's flexible (on the bias)…

We'll see how many on the list I can get through this month.  Come back and check updates.


It's rather great how Missouri keeps coming up with these great videos.  Thank you ladies!!!

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