Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two down seven to go and a little extra...

It's driving me crazy that I get so tired after going out for coffee and shopping for food.  It took me 2 hours just to do that and after I was tired as heck.  But I wanted to sew and yesterday I cut out some material once I received the pattern, so Saturday I thought I would try it.

The pattern wasn't too complicated.  It's from ViceVersa and the pattern is really very challenging.  This one had 2 inch squared for the centre star and 3.75 for the corner ones.  The colors look great in this picture, one of the best pictures I took of the quilt so far, so it worked very well. 

April's Block 1

April's Block 2
I even love the look of this one.  The points came out perfect here.  This is the first time that I like the look of both of them.  But I just noticed right now the mistake...  The top and bottom are opposite, I need to change that...  Opps!!!!  This will be the third time that undo something.  You had to take your time with this one.  I didn't mind undoing, and I'll change this one because I just love the look of this one.  Would like to make a big one of this one, maybe I'll put it on my list  ;)

The two together...  Looks great.

I also finished this month's April block for the Quilt Doogle Design.  This quilt is really coming along nicely, and everyone is putting up their blocks so quickly I feel pressure to do so as well.  But this one was fun, and looks great.  See The full string and the one block.  Nice points.  I think it's a top line of the quilt.  It will really be a picture quilt.
Star block.

Finally I need o catch up on some of the applique but more importantly I need to catch up on the Layer cake because it's suppose to be completed by the end of May, and I'm down about 5 blocks.

Every two week Material Girls puts out two squares using only two layer cakes or one layer cake and a background material.  

Here are the details for the full quilt along schedule:
Quilt finish

  • February 21st - Blocks 1 and 2
  • February 28th - Blocks 3 & 4
  • March 7th - Blocks 5 & 6
  • March 15th - Blocks 7 & 8
  • March 21st - blocks 9 & 10
  • April 4th - Blocks 13 & 14
  • April 11th - Blocks 15 & 16
  • April 18th - Blocks 17 & 18
  • April 25th - Blocks 19 & 20
  • May 2nd the final quilt layout options and piecing instructions.
  • May 16th - finished lyaer cake sampler top link with prizes for random chosen winners....

This schedule allows plenty of time to get their blocks done but as you see there is two per week, and boy, that's a tough schedule to follow but this is the only quilt that is finished in May, so I am excited about that one.  This quilt takes late comers so come join the fun!!  Here's a picture of the finished quilt and come see the pictures on flickr, they're amazing. Just so you know there are 20 blocks in total and this picture only has 156 of them.  I also think I'll put a different border around each one, not sure what yet, still thinking.  Was considering flying geese on the front and flying curved geese on the back.  Something from the book "Flying Colors" from Gail Garber, a wonderful designer.  See her designs on here web site here.  

Flying Colors.
The book is below and you can purchase it from Amazon.  After reading the book, I was able right away to make my own designs.  I highly recommend it.  It also comes with a number of patterns at the back to practise with.  I never did one but I was able to right away add a curved lined of flying geese to one of the exchange blocks that I was working on in my last guide (unfortunately no pictures to show) and as I stated before it was really easy. 

Here is the block that I made last night. I skipped one of the blocks but I will get back to it.  Each block is about 18 inches and contains not one but two layer cake sheets and two backings.  You at least need 40 sheets from a layer cake.  I bought a Moda cake of pastels of different shades and the background is poka dots.  So that's my goal for Sunday, to do at least 5 more of these blocks.  I have four layer cakes sewn together, and cut up, and now I have to iron and resize them.  They'll make 3 more blocks.  NEED TO CATCH UP!

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