Sunday, April 6, 2014

Working on the BOM's.

Well I got a few of them done.

June Block #1

April Block 1
 Enjoyed this one.  I hand sewed it.  Used card paper, printed out the hexagons, used normal school glue stick which washed out really easily, when all was hand sewed onto the background fabric.  The 2nd April block is also with hexagons, but it uses different sizes, and has a large one for the sun, then smaller ones then these for the sun rays.  It's coming….
June, Block 2
The June blocks were really easy, that's why I completed them right away. It was simple to cut and simple to put together.  I must admit I am running out of fabric and still have 6 months left and not enough fabric.  I promised I would not buy for 3 months but I think I'll be breaking that promise. But the good news is that I am half way done this block.

Half way done this block of the month.

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