Friday, May 30, 2014

Another "A Lovely Year of Finishes" for June.

It's time again to make ALYOF for June.  I don't really think I should win for May because although I finished a number of BOMs for May, I did not finish (quilt, bind, etc) a full quilt. I only did one top and it wasn't listed.  So this time, I'll put down what quilt I want to finish, and there are five that need to be finished but  I will really try to do two of them and save the others for another time. 

The first one is a quilt BOM that was very fast and the squares were completed with Material Girls Layer Cake Sampler which was completed with two layer cakes or one layer cake and a background piece of fabric.   I've been working with subtle pastels and with a background of black with polka dots. All the pieces are completed, but I need to put the squares together, with the sashes and borders, and then quilt it.  I'm excited about it.  It was suppose to be completed two weeks ago, but with a number of things working against me, I know I can finish it.  Here are some of the blocks.

There are 24 blocks.
The 2nd one I am looking at completing is another BOM that I have been working on from Jennifer at
Border Sample blocks
Gable House and Company.  A friend of mine gave me 50 pieces of fabric for my 50th birthday.  This quilt was difficult in a way because I had to use only the pieces of fabric I was given and some plain green I included.  So there is one more row to complete, and I want to make it slightly bigger, but the top is almost done.  It's bright, cheerful, and I would love to complete the entire things so that I can show it to my friend before I move schools and not see her for a while.  I still have to add another border and another row (saw tooth).  then layer it, quilt it, put on binding, and that's it.  Here's what the quilt looks like so far.  

Center piece
And as usual, in my list of things to do are the different BOMs that I need to complete.  I am behind in all the appliques, and the Star quilt from my Quilting Guild.  But the guild won't meet until the 2nd week in June so I'm safe  ;)

Good luck to me.  Although my list is smaller this time, I still have big jobs to do.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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  1. I like your projects. Good luck meeting your goals.