Thursday, May 29, 2014

Creating a Large Applique.


I was dreaming of a quilt which is strange because i've never done that before.  After the 3rd dream I knew that I had to make the quilt.  It's all applique at this point and I just started last month.  So here's my progress.  


During last week I fixed up the dress because it was at a wrong angle with the wind blowing at it.  So on the right side I added another piece.  The arms were not sewn at this point, I must placed them.

Material is a problem here.  I'm very picky of what it should look like.  I loved the dress material but I can't find skin tone.  I'm looking at painting a light pink tone, but I've never done that before so this will really be a challenge.

This month I found the shawl material and some background material, but I'm not ready to put my piece on the background yet.  I've sewn the shawl and the arms to the girl.  So the piece is solid.

I know it's not a flattering picture, but as I said this is a work in progress and you can see from my "Things To Still Do" list, there was a lot of applique on it that I didn't do as much as I wanted.  I still need to find the skin tone and a couple of other things, so I get to go hunting.  I'll do my rest.

But so far, a good start!!! ;)

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