Friday, June 27, 2014

July is another month to catch up and finish things

I'm getting a little depressed how my Sycamore rose quilt blocks that are behind is growing, and
growing and growing.  Need to do something about that this month. I am making a promise that I will complete 2 of them this month as I am away a lot this month in a car and that's the best time to hand applique.  

There are some things that are personal goals and some that I will be entering for the "A Year of Lovely Finishes", because being in that group keeps me honest and makes sure I finish a quilt or two for the month.  I'm like that (OCD and a list maker - have you noticed?), needing a bit of a push to compete.  And there are so many fantastic quilters out there in the internet world. 

One of my goals this year was to connect with others quilting on the Internet.  I thought joining Blocks of the Months groups was one way, and it was, but joining "Finishing" groups was another way of meeting people online in groups on Flickr, or just on people's blogs.  I'm enjoying my "Year" goal very much and it has helped me stretch and grow.
  • These are the big ones for the "A year of Lovely Finishes"
    • Material Girl's Layer Cake BOM -  complete the quilting.  
    • Aurifill's spool quilt for the end of bed (2 rows completed, need one more row, and binding)
    • Complete the 2nd quilt I made form the 50 pieces of fabric a friend gave me.  Ended up being a lap quilt that's done but still needs to be sandwiched and quilted.
  • Sycamore Rose
    • block-2  (February)  - half done, need to complete it.  See the above picture.
    • block-3  (March)
    • block 4 (April)
    • Block 5 - May
    • Block 6 - June
    • Block 7 - July
  • Free Motion Quilt along 
    • Block 2 styles 
    • Block 3 - 4 styles
    • Block 4 - 4 styles
    • Block 5 - 4 styles   
    • Block 6 - 4 styles.                          
  • Aurifill July - every block has been with flowers.  It will be a garden quilt.
  • Prairie Flower #10 (just 3 more to go then the corners and this one can travel too!).
  • Vice Versa - July
  • Galaxy of the Stars - 
    • June 
    • July
  • Block Lotto pattern
    Block Lotto June.
    •  June - It's a sun!!!  I need to catch up on this.
    • July's is 14 spokes.
  • Crafty 2012 
    • July
    • August
  • Globe Trotting 2014 Mystery Quilt - July
  • Doodle Design - July
  • Finish table runner beads on a string (need to find this quilt!)
    Runner Beads
  • Do the modern quilt that I have cut out - green and purple for the newFO Challenge and preparing it for the "Modern Quilt" Flickr Group.
  • Thangles - 4 more blocks for my quilt.
  • Thangle table runner for the table - pinks and white with dots.  Very modern for the Modern flickr Group for the New FO Challenge.
  • Debbie Mumm's Patriot's Quilt - for July and August.
  • I want to do at least one "Garden" paper piecing.  I only have the Galaxy of Stars for paper piecing and I promised myself I would improve on it.
  • Want to start one of the patterns from Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Clark Blakesley.  
  • Piece out the Carpenter Star for the New FO Challenge.
    Carpenter Star.
As usual, I have too much listed when I'll be away for a week this month, but I'm off, so I should get more done.  I don't need to buy material, I have the material for all of this.  so it's just sewing blocks and starting 5 new quilts (oh the hardship!!!)

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