Friday, June 27, 2014

July's Lovely Year of Finishes.

OK, I know I go overboard, and it states that you only have to do one, so that's what I'm doing, I'm giving in to only one because it's a queen size quilt, and I'm doing tiny, tiny circles of quilting.  You've seen the picture....
Material Girl's Block of the Month Layer Cake.

Here's some of the quilting already quilted and for you to understand the size of the circles:
Section between the blocks and more.

Can you see the circles?

Need to pick the quilted section on the pastel.
This would take a lot of time for me to complete, the entire month for sure....

If I complete that one, I do have another that I would love to complete, it's an Aurifill Quilt with Spools that can download at this site.  Its the feature Designer Brigitte Heitland.  Here's a picture of the one she made:
From the web site January 'sAuribuzz

Mine is twice the size of this one for an end quilt for the bed.    I have cut some of it already and have done two rows but still have a third to complete, as well as put it all together.  This is for the NewFO Challenge 2014 at Cat Patches.

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Now, if I have some extra time I still need to do my 9 blocks for the 9 BOMs I'm participating in, and I have two classes I signed up for at Crafty ( , one is painting fabric, and the other is the Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple by Camille Roskelley, The Crafty Block of the Month 2012 by Amy Gibson (this one is free ladies, and great - I'm on July in this one), or I can start the Pixel Quilt that I've learned to do on Crafty by Caro Sheridan or there's the Pictorial Quilting Technique...or...... (did I say two that I signed up for??!!0  

There it is, my 2 goals for July (and the extras at a blog entry called July is another month to catch up.)

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