Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why am I obsessed with BOMs?

About BOMs

  • There are those you pay for online - Skill Builder BOM at Pile of Fabrics (it cost - I think - $24)....
  • There are those that are free that later become payable (See to the left the Garden one - it's fantastic and very challenging) and Doodle ....
  • And then there are many that are free - At Grandpa's Pond or SuperMarios no cost.  
  • There are those that last all year (see Vice Versa - pay one but well worth it and many of the others), and those that end 6 months into it (Material Girl, and Down the Rabbit Hole - you can see my entries on them in the Tag section to the left).

I can't seem to stop joining all the free ones.  Want to be part of all, so I spend half my time doing blocks, and nothing completed.  But as I stated above, I have finished two BOMs (see labels on Material Girls and Down the Rabbit Hole - both are free and the last one is on Crafty - my favorite site). Aurifill's BOMs also have patterns attached to the block so you can complete a quilt of that one block alone.  That's great, the best of both worlds.  But still I feel as if I have not accomplished anything, so I add to my list of things to be done - quilts.  I really need to stop the BOMs, I have over 12 of them that I have kept up with and one that is not listed, a Thangle quilt that I purchased ages ago. 

Is anyone this crazy or is it just me?  Did I forget to mention that I work full time as a teacher?  And all this catch up is on weekends....  Crazy!

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