Friday, July 18, 2014

Another two small quilts done..

Here's another quilt I finished yesterday..  This one has a funny story behind it.  I made the blocks in February, when I was doing the Block Lotto.  I made enough for the queen quilt, and more.  I had three extra blocks so I decided to make this table runner.  The quilt top is about 4 feet by 1 foot.  I was free style quilting it to be prepared for the major quilting project for the "Year of Finishes" project.  This was one of the projects for that month.  I used another layer of muslin with a circle drawn on it, and placed it to the top material.  I sewed around the circle, then cut out the circle, and turned the muslin inside out, so that there was a hole in the top fabric. I then placed the circle material under the top material (face up) and it shows up as a circle.  I then sewed close to the circle edge, and that made the circle.  To get the two different colours on the one circle, I cut the circles I made in half and sewed the circles to the orange strip and voila, the block.  I find it easier this way.

Anyway, I put the three blocks that I sewed together away somewhere, and proceeded to lose it.  Took until last week, when looking for material, that I found it.  Am I the only one???!!!  Losing quilt tops ready to be quilted????

I also finished yesterday the Doodle quilt of the month for July, it was mugs.  I need to  put the handles on it, but otherwise it's done.  The steam runs up from each cup.  They're two different fabrics, alternating.  I machine stitched the steam, but I hand stitched the handles on the cups, which believe it or not, was somewhat difficult, because I didn't pin (my fault), I just sewed.  Learned that lesson!!!.  But it looks great!!  On to the next!!

Steam machine stitched, handles, hand applique

Two different reds, but close enough to match.

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