Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick post because of the flu....

Couldn't stop yawning at all on Saturday, and kept on turning hot and cold.  I napped around 3:00 for an hour but woke up and was still tired.  We went over to the fringe festival, but was still yawned all the way through it.  Got to see Bruce Cockburn in concert but still, was tired so I left..

So today my husband ordered me to stay home, and behave, no doing nothing.  But I can't just sit and watch TV so I worked every hard to complete one of my applique quilt blocks.  This is #12 of the Prairie Flower Quilt, I skipped #11 because 12 was harder.  So here it is, all done.  The flowers are different purples in wool, and two colours of green for the leaves.  I have a callus on my finger  :)

Notice all the stitching... around the circles then around each petal.   I used tons of thread on this one.  One to go...  then the corners of the quilt.

I'm going to hand quilt this baby....

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