Friday, August 1, 2014

Things to do for August - all of them..

Well, another month gone, and I did quite a lot but still I'm behind.  I thought having the summer off would give me time to catch up but what it did is make me start so many more little (and big) projects.   

Last month I missed the deadline for  "A year of Lovely Finishes" so I am bound and determine to not miss this one.  I'm making a small/long quilt for the bottom of my bed in indigo.  I have two lines done, I need a third and then I need to quilt it and make pockets for both sides.  Here's the start...  Here is where you can get the pattern for this from Brigitte Heitland - there is not a single pattern of her's that I'm not crazy about (mostly modern twists on all), and the material - I can't say enough, I bought so much of it.  She was January's Designer of the month on Aurifil's web blog.  The pattern I'm using is right on the blog and it's free, so by all means pick it up, it's well worth it.  I'm loving the look of the modern spool.  After missing last month's deadline, I'm not going to miss this one.

Which brings me to my next goal (still a part of "A Year of Lovely Finishes" but  a goal I didn't complete last month and I hate not meeting goals).  I still have 6 blocks and the top of this lovely quilt from Material Girls (I had so much fun doing it and all you need is two layer cakes or one layer cake and enough material to cut into another layer cake).  Over 16 hours of quilting on this one!  Binding hand sewn on (that took over 2 hours!)  and still more to go, the top part and 6 blocks in the center.  That means at least another 16 hours, but at least the binding is done - hand sewn.  

  • Completed the 2nd quilt I made form the 50 pieces of fabric a friend gave me.  Ended up being a lap quilt in pink and black.  See below for the pictures
  • Sycamore Rose
    • block-2  (February)  -  Half way done.  Taking it on a plane trip - that should finish it off!  Boy, am I behind!
    • block-3  (March)
    • block 4 (April)
    • Block 5 - May
    • Block 6 - June
    • Block 7 - July
    • Block 8 - August.
  • Free Motion Quilt along 
    • Block 2 styles 
    • Block 3 - 4 styles
    • Block 4 - 4 styles
    • Block 5 - 4 styles   
    • Block 6 - 4 styles.    
  • Aurifil August to do
  • Prairie Flower #11 and 12 to complete then the pattern is done, and I need to do the corners. 
  • Vice Versa August - already got the pattern - it has a template but looks simple enough to do.  You always make two blocks for this pattern every month, and mine are 12 inches.
  • Galaxy of the Stars - have July to do and I didn't get the pattern for August so I have to tell the girls.
  • Block Lotto pattern
    • June - It's a sun!!!  Still not done them!!  And paper piecing!! Will try in August!
    • July's was 14 spokes.  Made 9 of them.  Need to do 5 more. 
    • August - nice pattern, got it early but no time to start before I'm gone.
  • I'm going to give the Crafty 2012 BOM a month off because of everything else I have, I'm in September now and it's a pattern that I'm not good at.  I need to practise it more before I start.
Getting there!!!
  • Globe Trotting 2014 Mystery Quilt - I have august now - I'm up to date on this one.
  • Doodle Design - august - it's really coming together - have 3 more blocks to do to complete this one and it's been so fun.
  • Do the modern quilt that I have cut out - green and purple for the newFO Challenge and preparing it for the "Modern Quilt" Flickr Group. Love there work there, so inspirational.
  • Thangles - 4 more blocks for my quilt.
  • Thangle table runner for the table - pinks and white with dots.  Very modern for the Modern flickr Group and the New FO Challenge.  Half way completed.  Blogged about here.
  • I wanted to do at least one "Garden" paper piecing. .  
  • Want to start one of the patterns from Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Clark Blakesley.  
  • Need to cut all pieces for the Carpenter Star for the New FO Challenge.
  • Continue on with my Pixulated quilt!!!  This is becoming so much fun!

OK, the list is smaller (yes this is smaller compared to all the other ones I've done.  I am even not doing a couple of BOMs because I'm ahead.  But two quilts to complete?  My oh my, I love a challenge.  And lets just make it easier, do it in two weeks  ;)

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