Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Half Way point....

Well, I was gone this month for 2 weeks, visiting Friendly Manitoba, and running around there, visiting
people I only see once a year.  Didn't leave much time for hand quilting (which is what I brought with me).  This week back I came back with a fever and chill, that I tried to ignore for 2 days but finally it caught up with me, and I stayed home.  But I can't just sit, especially with a deadline in my head ("A Lovely Year of Finishes") and a list of quilts that I want to get to this month.  So I started up again.  Here's what I've gotten done today....

"Thangle This" Table runner.

Binded and did a label  ;)

Quilted around each section.

Middle star.
I also worked on my project for the "Year of Lovely Finishes".  Here's a sneak peak...
6 hours already, 6 - 7 hours to go.

These items are what I've done this week:

Got the first 3 square sections completed

  • Cut out 10 sets of these windows for the block lottery.  Put them up for the draw but realized that they need to be black and white, so I'll cut some more and make them in the next two days.  
  • Cut out Aurifill block of the month to sew this week.
You're probably saying "Why are you trying to do all this in one week?"  Because I have one more week of vacation before I go back to teaching, and that last week my husband took off so we're doing local stuff.  Won't have time to finish anything that week with hubby, so it's this week or nothing  ;)

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