Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Practising my Free Style Quilting

A long arm does beautiful work but if I hire someone to use one for every quilt I have, all my quilts would be very expensive, and as you can see there are many that are UFOs to finish.  I have 3 right now that need quilting, and all three would cost me approximately $400 to get done.  Not that it's not worth it, just my pocketbook says no. ;)

So to cut down on the cost somewhat I'm taking the course "Free Motion Quilt Along" that goes at your pace, has great videos by Leah and her husband, and work well in my schedule.  The results - I've done the first 3 patterns, and each pattern has three squares to try a different style.  Here are the results:

Each one completed.  The results:  I need to practise more on circles, and swirls, but the straight, in my mind, is well done.  You'll notice the growth right away.

1st attempt

2nd attempt - much better.  

Wow!!  Need more practise here!!

Straight is not the problem...  Looking good.

Circles are getting better
Need to take my time.
Best one yet.  Swirls are better if I'm slower.

Third block has been created, the pattern on two traced, just need to sew them.

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