Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Finishes!!! DID IT!

Here's  my "AYOLF"  goal completed!!!  Yee ha!!!!!  Yes it took a long time and crazy quilting - over 20 hours really.  I was on strike for two weeks in September which meant walking the strike line, and busy and stressed with that.  But I did it!!!

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Quilting on the top part
Material Girls's quilt all quilted.  It looks great with its binding and all of the blocks done. It's on the bed and staying there.  About 16 hours of quilting on this one.

Here are a lot more pictures to show off my "AYOLF" done!!!

Cloes up quilting

SOOOOOO big!!! And comfy.
Here are many of my BOMs:
  • Aurifil September completed
  • Prairie Flower #12 to do.  Last one!! Now corners to do.
  • Vice Versa 
    • August and September to do.  2 blocks for each month.  But I didn't do either.  Being on strike doesn't give you more time, just more stress!!!
  • Galaxy of the Stars -
    •  July, and August done!!  

August.  Need to do a second one
  • Block Lotto pattern
    • Didn't do any this time.  My goodness I'm 2 months behind!!!  Need to catch up!!
  • Crafty 2012 BOM  - September to do.  October will put it together.
  • Globe Trotting 2014 Mystery Quilt -
      • August is completed.
      • September is completed.  See the picture above.:

  • Doodle Design - September done to complete, a tree.
  • Sycamore Rose
    • OK, I'm really going crazy on this one and I'm so behind!!!
 Look at all the pieces on Flickr by Sycamore Rose.
  • Free Motion Quilt along  - been free motion quilting now on all my quilts lately.  But this is the course to teach me different styles so I need to get going.  My promise to myself to get some of these done one day.
    • Blocks 1 and 2
    • Block 2 - 3 styles  - 
    Block 3
    • Block 3 - 4 styles - got them made and here they are on my flickr!!!  Sorry, missing one here in the picture.  The love one was really hard to do, but fun to try for the first one.  I need practise on that one.
    • Block 4 - 4 styles - not done
    • Block 5 - 4 styles    - not done
    • Block 6 - 4 styles.    - not done, Darn!!
  • Apple Thangles -didn't touch this this time!!!
Here are my 2014 NewFO Challenges.
each square finishes at 2 inches.
So this was the goals of September.  Many have been completed or started.  Really happy with the lot of it..

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