Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here I am in the middle of November (well at least Nov 11) and
Van Gogh - Woman Sewing
I haven't done my "Things to do" list.  I'm such a list person.  I not only have that but I have a list from a previous post saying what I will be doing for

  • Globetrotting by Pat Sloan.  Makes a 9 block quilt like a sampler.  But it's done, and I love the colours!!!  Check it out under the tags to see what it looked like in the end.
  • Quilt Doodle Designs and Cindy had a fantastic BOM (apparently this is the 2nd and the 1st was fantastic as well).  It's a Christmas Quilt, and I'm all done for Christmas.  That's so great!!!  See "Doodle" tag to see all the entries.  
  • Debbit Mumm's Quilt of Honor that is a manly military quilt.  I have the corner/stars to complete, but all blocks are completed.  It's a matter of putting things together and making the sashing.  
  • ViceVersa -  I'm two blocks behind and now I have to finish it off.  Some other people have done it already, which makes me feel more pressure to do it.  It's on my list of things to get done before December, but I want it done before my Mom comes so I can show it to her.  The colours are what colours she loves, and I want to see her under the quilt when she's staying here for Christmas.  Yes a big goal but I'll get it done., so this will take a month to complete.  But it will be a queen and it will be big again.
  • Crafty 2012 BOM  - Behind in September's block but then I need to put it together. It's not bad, I have October and November done, so just need to do what I really suck at, half circles.  You'll see.  I'll do it the cheater way.  Will explain when I blog the finish of it.
  • Almost done my Prairie Flowers wool quilt.  Just have the corners to do.  Will start one this month and work on the other in December.
  • Started a new quilt called Snow. Mostly blues and I already had the fabric.  It's paper piecing and I am getting better at that.....
  • A six block quilt called Sew Sweet Simplicity at Jacquelynne Steves web site.  The first block is October 27th, so I'm gathering my material now.
  • Aurifil November to do. I actually keep on working well on this one.  And there are a couple of blocks that I would love to do a full quilt on....  Not enough time to do it all.
  • Prairie Flower - one corner each month (don't want to take on too much  ;)
  • Vice Versa August and September to catch up on then complete the entire thing with the instructions for October.  
  • Galaxy of the Stars from my Quilting Guild - One August to do (there were two), September to complete, and October.  I missed November's meeting so I'll have to get the pattern from the group before the next meeting.  
  • Block Lotto pattern - really behind in this one.
    • June - still not caught up on the sun one.  Have one done, but I seem to be scared to do it.  Don't know why....  Need to pull up my boot straps...
    • July - spokes pattern.  Had 6 done but need to do 8 more..
    • September 
    • October 
    • and now November....
  • Sycamore Rose
    • block-2  (February)  -  Almost completed.
    • block-3  (March) - not done.
    • block 4 (April) - not done.
    • Block 5 - May - not done.
    • Block 6 - June - not done.
    • Block 7 - July - not done. 
    • Block 8 - August. - not done.
    •  Block 9 not done.
    • Block 10 not done.
    • Block 11 not done.
    • Block 12 not done.  
 Look at all the pieces on Flickr by Sycamore Rose.
  • Free Motion Quilt along  - been free motion quilting now on all my quilts lately.  But this is the course to teach me different styles so I need to get going.  My promise to myself to get some of these done one day.
    • Block 3 - 1 left to do but at least I'm speeding up.
    • Block 4 - 4 styles
    • Block 5 - 4 styles   
    • Block 6 - 4 styles. 
    • Block 7 - need to make the blocks before quilting.   
Here are my 2014 NewFO Challenges.
  • Modern quilt that I have cut out - green and purple for the newFO Challenge and preparing it for the "Modern Quilt" Flickr Group.
  • I did a different modern one for the New FO Challenge.  Had all the material (two white charms packs and two black packs).  Got the pattern and material from the Fat Quarter store for $45 two months ago and have been very keen to try it.  So last weekend started and it turned out great.  Here's a picture of what the quilt is suppose to look like.  The top is done, now I'm starting to quilt it (which as you know takes a long time).  Check it out.

This is a long list but as you can see from my list I got a couple of my BOM's done, and will get two more done this month...  It's exciting to finish something.  Wish me luck!!

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