Monday, November 3, 2014

Mug Rug Exchanged completed.

Mailed and waiting for the reply!!!  I joined a mug rug exchange with international connections because I wanted to meet new people and I did!!  A lovely woman named Jenni from Tasmania, Australia.  I've already learned so much from her.  She introduced me to siggy blocks.  See this link to understand it more.  She exchanges with people around the world.  It's my first time exchanging blocks and to exchange mug rugs was fun.  There was a pattern but you can make it more individual.  Here they are...

Mug rug #1

Mug rug #2

Enough room for your coffee/tea and a cookie and easy to wash.  I loved how they turned out.  One spring and one summer.  Love the butterfly on the one.  Can't wait to see the ones Jenni made!! 

I sent her a few bonus items (stitch ripper, colour pencil, Canadian buttons, and a few more happy thoughts).  She sent me some post cards showing me where she lives (one is so cute - this really scarey looking animal I've never seen before), and of course the siggy quilt.  I'll need to make one for her for her collection...

It turned out really well, met someone new who's great to write to, and I'll get two mug rugs out of it  ;)

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