Monday, November 3, 2014

Finished two more BOM's.

As we all know I started 9 BOM's at the start of January and although I could not keep up all of them, I did do fairly well with most.  Now it's a matter of finishing them.  So what two did I finish this week?  Pat Sloan's Globe Trotting Quilt, and Quilt Doodle's Christmas quilt.

Christmas light row completed!!!  Fancy stitching.

Doodle Quilt

Globe Trotter

Side View - large lap top (about a Double)

Loved the center design so much I decided to make it for the quilt challenge for my Quilting Guild.
Purple and Green
All the way through taking pictures of this quilt I tried to get the right colours and I still can't.  It's the gold thread throughout.  But it is fantastic with the gold throughout and the deep purple for contrast.  Do love how it turned out (the big one as well).  Almost calling you to shine.  ;)


  1. good for you, finished and on the bed! Mine has to grow to fit on our king so it's taking longer.....Leeanna at not afraid of color

  2. Both of your quilts turned out lovely. Great job done!

  3. Lovely job on the Winter quilt with Quilt Doodle.

  4. Ladies so nice of you to say so. Thank you for the encouragement.


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