Sunday, November 30, 2014

What was done this November....

A Lovely Year of Finishes
OK, here it is.  I think this has been my best month ever because many of my BOM's (block of a month) quilts came up.  In other words, the blocks are finished and I have to put it together.  So although I said I would finish a quilt that was over 3 years old, with the other BOMs showing up, I had finished I felt the need to do those before the 3 year one....  It's that late so, what's a few more months  ;).  

So lets see from my list of things to do for November what I got done:

Globetrotting by Pat Sloan.   - DONE  and I love it.

 Made an extra one of the center because I loved it so much.  Once more, the colors just don't make it on the camera, this is purple and green.  Below the square is 24".

Quilt Doodle Designs - done!!!  Great for Christmas

Debbit Mumm's Quilt of Honor - DONE with the top, need to quilt it!

cat likes it
Crafty 2012 BOM  - Not done yet.  Have one to go and then the quilt is done.  It's one of the quilts I said I would complete before the end of December, so it's on my list for next month.  But here's how it looks so far...  Just two blocks to go then putting it together.

Prairie Flowers wool quilt.  Didn't do anything on it, but did so a different wool table top.  Can't how it here, it's for someone's Christmas.  I really need to complete this one because I'm entering it for my Guild's Quilt show.

 Snow quilt - Got the material like before but that's it.  Did some of the paper piecing but there are now three blocks to complete.  It ends in January. 

Sew Sweet Simplicity at Jacquelynne Steves web site.  - never even started it.  Got to get it going.  Two blocks out now.

Aurifil November to do.  DONE!!! This one was really hard.  And I didn't know it but I missed October as well, so that's done as well.  All caught up but have December to finish.

Vice Versa - need to do two more blocks, but didn't do anything.  This one is finished by the way, so it needs to be finished on my end  ;)

Galaxy of the Stars from my Quilting Guild - 
One August to do (there were two),  DONE
September to complete, and October.  
I missed November's meeting so I'll have to get the pattern from the group before the next meeting. 

Block Lotto pattern - really behind in this one.
  • June - still not caught up on the sun one.  Have one done, but I seem to be scared to do it.  Don't know why....  Need to pull up my boot straps...
  • July - spokes pattern.  Had 6 done but need to do 8 more..
  • September 
  • October 
  • and now November....
Sycamore Rose
block-2  (February)  -  Did very little on this one and there are 16 blocks in total, and this one is completed online as well.  Really need to get going.

Free Motion Quilt along  - been free motion quilting now on all my quilts lately.  But this is the course to teach me different styles so I need to get going.  My promise to myself was to get this one done soon.  Did try one day, but stalled.
    • Block 3 - DONE
    • Block 4 - 4 styles - not yet for the rest.
    • Block 5 - 4 styles   
    • Block 6 - 4 styles. 
    • Block 7 - need to make the blocks before quilting.   
Apple Thangles - didn't do any last month, or this month.  Darn. 
Pixulated quilt that I started on Crafty!!!   Never even touched it.  Need to get going on this one.
Here are my 2014 NewFO Challenges.
  • Modern quilt that I have cut out - green and purple - Not even touched.  Darn!!!

50" by 50"
So pleased with myself!!

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