Sunday, December 28, 2014

Been busy.....

Over the holidays as a surprise to my husband I sewed a quilt for him, but it was difficult with all the things I needed to complete and finish teaching this year.  But did it.  

Used SeaHawk material and a kit from Calico Creations.  Wonderful kit with a pattern that is simple, but I added a few twist.  Had to add the twelfth man symbol  ;)

But that's not all.  This one was one that I had extra material and my mom came for Christmas so I was trying to transform my sewing room, into the extra bedroom it was,and that when it happened!!! 

My husband found out how much material I really had.  Darn it!!

So I tried to make a few quilts to cut it down.

According to my husband I can no longer buy any more material until I get the material situation under control.  OK I admit it, I'm a fabricaholic but I don't feel the need to stop all together.  I'm just going to stop buying for a while until I have cut down the material.  Plus, there are so many quilts that are UFO's that I need to do something about that as well.  LOOK MOM I'm setting goals for the new year  ;)

So at the right is one of the results.  Flannel quilt with roses, and green and brown triangles.  Large lap quilt as you can see from the picture above.   Here are some closer shots.  The background is more yellow then the white showing here.  I call this quilt "Friends are like Flowers".  You have to nurture both, and give care to both, otherwise it will wither away and die.  You can neglect both a bit, because of time, or your busy schedule, but you don't do it on purpose, you don't decide you don't have to take care of it because you believe that both will take care of themselves.  This quilt is a reminder to me that marriage, friends, and family, take effort and time to nurture and make strong.  

Cat approved.
Now working on the final two quilts that I said I would complete for the 2014 Finish along with Katy at the Littlest Thistle.  It was a finish along for three months.  Read about it here.  I said I would finish 6 of the BOM's that I started in January.  But I only completed three of them, and have two fo them almost done (just need to put them together), but they won't be quilted.  So I didn't do it all.  I did however did three more quilts (batting and all) that I did not say I would do.  That makes the 6.  Does that work?  Who knows. Will keep you posted.


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