Saturday, January 31, 2015

Playing at the Zoo

Can't believe how little I've done this month but when you think about it, final month of the term, doing final projects, getting ready for the electronic exams, I've simply have had no time to do any sewing.  I've worked hard at getting one of my major quilts completed for the quilt show this June, so that would explain some of it.  but I've only completed the Aurifil block, the Quilt Doodle, and now one that was very surprising, and quite fun is the Quiet Play:  Zoo Animals blog.  It's a paper piecing BOM that starts simple, and becomes very challenging for the last block. 

The first block is a flamingo.  The directions are simple but clear, and the pieces fit perfectly together.  I can't say it enough, I had fun!!!  Normally I have trouble with completing paper piecing but not this time.  Made two mistakes and was able to fix them right away.  See for yourself.  Looks great.  Blue sky background.

Can't wait for the second one.  Wonder which one.  

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