Friday, January 16, 2015

Working on finishing up things.

Today I saw a few packages of things that I started or things that I cut up and just left.  And I'm not talking just quilts, I'm also talking about sewing some clothes.  So today I worked on that... I couldn't stand it any more.  Some of these things are over a year old, and seriously, talk about putting things off....  So because I joined up with "Sew my Stash" (see the link on the left) I decided, that's it, I'm not just doing what I said in my blog but I'm doing anything and everything that catches my attention.

So here it is.  This became....

This...  Pajama bottoms.  


 Became this....zipper in the back..


And this one is what I'm taking into my Quilting Guild's course on designing your own quilting plan lesson tomorrow... You'll have to wait to see what it became.  This one is over a year old as well and much of it was left overs (again busting my stash!!!) from a numberr of otherr projects.  Quite proud of what this has become.  It's a gift for my husband's friend, a new house warming gift, wall hanging for the front area.

On a side note, I joined another quilting of the month from iQuilt

Here's a picture.  Can't wait to get the pattern.  It's very modern and it will help me get rid of some of my scrap material.  Every month you learn something new, and all of these are new to me.  Can't wait to start...

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