Monday, January 12, 2015

A month of no list...

Usually I made a list of all the things I have to complete for the month.  But not this month.  This month has been a very busy one and not one that I can honestly say I can predict what I can get done.  But I have made a list of what I can done this month and what I can get accomplished in the next three months.

This year I am only joining two blocks of the month.  One is the Doodle Designs again, and the 2nd one is the continuation of the Modern Modern quilt from the Block Lotto site.  This site is fantastic for entering a lottery system to meet other bloggers and sewers. 

Here are some of my blocks and a quick quilt fully completed:

Quick wall quilt, machine stitched, with hearts
 making the floweers

Old style material.
The button makes the quilt.

2015 DoodleBOM for December.

A second one, larger

But there is so much more I have to do....

There is the Sew My Stash where I wish to complete everything that is on the list of Quilts to Complete.  And don't think that the list is complete.  That's something I need to complete.  There are the blocks of the month from last year that although completed, are not finished off, and that is something I need to do.  There are three block of the months that I signed up for the material and have not completed.   There are four BOMs that I have not completed, that now I want to complete.  There is so much to do!!!

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