Friday, February 6, 2015

Things to do in February

OK, it's a long list so I'm getting right to it.  I seem to work better when I have a bullet list of things to do.  After two months of not making a list, and doing very little (it could of had something to do with the time of year, and how busy I've been but I'm going with list making because I'm a list maker --- can you tell?!!) I'm back to doing my list and checking it twice.  And there is a lost of things to do so I'm trying to put it in order as well since some things are more important then others to complete.
  1. Quiet time at the zoo - penguin block. (see side link). Paper piecing BOM
  2. Block lottery 
    1. arrows (February) - it's been three months since joining and I want to join again.  I really love doing them.
    2. Eight blocks (January ) I need to catch up.
    3. old block spiders
  3. Quilt Doodle February block - tea set. BOM   - DONE
  4. Pat Sloan Vacation time BOM
    1. Get my material.
    2. January
    3. February block.
  5.  Wool quilt.
    1. One corner
    2. 2nd corner
  6. Pixulated quilt
  7. Aurifil mini quilt February
  8. Snap shot quilt along by the Fat Quarter Shop.
    1. January Cake
    2. February sewing machine.
  9. Vice Versa
    1. September block
    2. October block
    3. Put it all together.
  10.  Finish quilting my wall hanging for a home purchase gift - the wind. - DONE
  11. Finish the center piece of the Aurifil block pieceed quilt and finish it online.
  12. Scrap piece from Sew Sample quilter (need to make 9 of them for a wall quilt)
  13. Quilting my Craftsy 2013 quilt - that's a Craftsy quilt class online.
  14. Water blue piece that I have 1/2 completed.
Good luck to me, this is quite the list!!!  If I get 1/2 of it done, I'll be happy.  

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