Monday, February 9, 2015

Busy Weekend.

I got a number of projects that have been sitting there completed.  Place mats for my sister.  She's been asking for this.  Used the Improv manner to make the circles.  Quilted with echo quilting.  They look beautiful.

Did a couple of BOM blocks for February.  Quilt doodle block which was really fun:

and then there was the Animal zoo that I've been working on.  Completed the penguin.  The body has silver in it.

Then, the great thing is that I finished two wall hangings.  These quilts were amazingly quilted with my new Janome sewing machine.  Check it out.  First one is "Whooooooooo's there?"

leaf motif


Leaves.  White on white.
And then this one which is "Scraps of Fall."  This one was in thread that changed from white, to light blue to dark blue.  Make it look like the wind going through the leaves.  Check it out.

The quilt - notice leaf blocks.

See the birdies?

Quilting went through tree
and some leaves.

Was really amazed at this one.  Very happy that it worked out.  The owl one is a house warming gift.  But the "Scraps of Fall" is here  ;)

Showing it to the Guild tomorrow.

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