Sunday, March 29, 2015

The QUILTED curved quilt.

A Lovely Year of Finishes Well you saw it when it was completed, but not when it was quilted.  It's amazing how different a quilt looks when it's quilted.  The online class by Leah Day "Free Motion Quilting a Quilt" finishes/quilts the quilt you have made by Amy Gibson "Craftsy Block of the Month 2012"  Loved the block of the month class.  It was a combination of old time blocks as well as with a twist of modern block styles of the same block.  In the end it was a very colourful quilt.  Unfortunately, the first two lessons were over an hour long each and that slowed me down considerably.  So I only got one block down of the quilt, but I did free style stitch in the ditch the entire quilt, so I'm on my way to learning over 14 different styles of free motion quilting.  If I get that done, I think I can reward myself with a new kit :)  Here is that block of the month so far, one of my goals for March.  Not completed, but I'm still so happy on how things are going.

One section done.
Close up - learned paisley
Total quilt to do, with the cat of course...

Why didn't I get more done?  Because I found out that the scholarship fund for a teacher friend of mine which was promised to the students was not there.  So I told another friend I would donate a quilt to raffle so the school can raise money for the memorial scholarship fund of a teacher in the school who was murdered.  She was a wondderful teacher and a great person, it's the least I can do.  Here is that quilt, a picture of it before the quilting and now after the quilt.

about 5 ft. square.
Quilt with Star burst quiltingg, and echo around the blocks.

The 2nd goal was the wool quilt I've been working on for a year.  I have completed a second corner, much to the horror of the large calus on my finger.  Another one completed!!  I'm happy this goal is done.

Corner #2.
But now about the sunflower quilt - I don't think I was meant to finish this one!!  And it is great.  But in three months I have done 15 more rows.  One day I'll get it done!!

So did I do well?  No.  But I did complete a few other quilts in its place.  See this blog entry.

As for what I've done all year and all the millions of quilts I've had to complete, here is the original entry or promise of the month.

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